The reason we’re here

Today we won’t just be celebrating the birth of our bouncing baby blog, but also our mama’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Lucinda!

Recently Updated-001On this day in 1950 our mother entered the world. She was a sweet and caring child (or so we’ve heard). She was quiet and contemplative, stubborn as a donkey, and the middle child. In her teens she was involved in student government and followed the politics of the day. As an adult she became and wife and mother (thank God, or you wouldn’t be enjoying this blog). Always a teacher (school, home school and Sunday school) and a friend to the friendless. Now she’s a Grandmother (they call her “Momo”) and 63!

I plan to eat a big “slice” of chocolate cake (in a bowl of milk) in her honor today.

birthday cake




10 thoughts on “The reason we’re here

  1. Wow! Gals, I wasn’t expecting this! What a great birthday gift! Thanks so much. I looke forward to reading your thoughts.

  2. Happy Birthday (in stereo) to all those great “Cordes” women.
    I absolutely love the idea. And your recipes….well we are getting Kale in our co-op next week so I’m going to try the salad. And though I’m not a fan of brussel sprouts, your recipe sounds so delicious I’m feeling the need to perhaps add them to an upcoming dinner menu.

    Keep those creative juices flowing.

  3. Amy, Sara I remember your mom as I too was born in Kankakee and grew up across the street from your mom. She even was our babysitter and lucky for you she survived that.

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