Girl’s Weekend

It’s not often that us “moms” get a weekend away or a few days off, right? So when my best girlfriend asked me to come to her swanky house for a girl’s weekend, I jumped at the chance (after my life partner agreed to keep the home fires burning and the children alive, of course).

At 1pm on Friday I headed down the open road, McCafé in hand (the budget-conscious girl’s Starbucks) actually looking forward to the 4 hour car ride, a chance to sit in silence or to belt out songs from the Les Miserable’s soundtrack if I wanted to. The sun was shining and all was well.

Erin and I spent Friday evening catching up, laughing, eating our favorite pizza (BLT, yes we love mayo on our pizza) and just being in the same room together. Her tastes are different from mine but I love them. She surrounds herself in blues and grays. She is cool and calm in her decorating and in her life. She is classic, traditional, organized and proper (opposites attract). We ended the evening with a silly but funny movie and went to bed. The next morning her hubs took her brood to breakfast and an early matinée and we headed to breakfast with one of our favorite friends. It’s a relatively small café in a strip mall but the meal was food network worthy.

Erin didn't want me to put her pic on here...I just had to show her pinterperfect thick hair roll. #jealous

Erin didn’t want me to put her pic on here…I just had to show her pinterperfect thick hair roll. This is wedding hair on a Saturday morning. #jealous

Eggs Benjamin, think Benedict but substitute the Canadian bacon for smoked salmon and red onion. YUM!!! The vanilla latte was the sweetest milk atop the best espresso. Perhaps it was the company and conversation that made the meal taste so good?

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping antique malls and stores for 2 things.

An authentic rotary black desk top phone and handmade aprons from the 50’s or 60’s. I thought finding the phone would be the real challenge of the day but with the Lord’s help it was the found in the first shop we stopped at. The tag claimed it was in working condition. phonePriced at a low $39, I felt that watching auction shows had taught me to at least try to haggle and ask what its origins where. The owner said, “An auction and I’ll take $30”. We where happy with that so we paid and where on our way to the next hot, dusty, dated shop to search for the perfect “something” that was missing from our lives.

I thought finding an apron would be easy but it wasn’t. The aprons where only the half or the wrap around your waist kind and they where U-G-L-Y.

I got all these for $19! No, I don't  NEED them but...

I got all these for $19! No, I don’t NEED them but…

I saw lots of things that made me reminisce about my childhood, like strawberry shortcake and Tupperware in horrible hues of orange and yellow and pea soup green. I looked into the faces of black and white family photos that I can’t believe inheritants would want to part with! Most of all I felt sad thinking about the people who wore or proudly displayed these things that now sit alone and dusty in a pole barn.

Recently Updated

We left the compound of mold and headed to Fred and Ethel’s, a quaint little store that I frequented when the hubs and I were first married and had purchased our first home. I realized I hadn’t been back in 14 years! You can find it on the web here. It specializes in vintage 50’s and 60’s pieces. They had since moved and by the time we found their new location and a parking space it was 5:14 in the evening.

I tried talking Erin into buying this. She doesn't need it and won't be typing anytime soon but it was gray...

I tried talking Erin into buying this. She doesn’t need it and won’t be typing anytime soon but it was gray…

Erin and I approached the door to the shop (the lights were on) but the door seemed locked. To our horror the hours read “SAT 9-5.” I knocked and said a quick prayer, and by some small miracle the store keeper welcomed us in and boldly announced, “All aprons 50% off”. It was like the ending to a great feel good movie. Erin winked at me and with in 2 minuets I had Sara’s birthday gift in hand (and I got it for a steal). A red checkered, rick-racked, handmade apron that in my mind was worn by some beautiful, equipped, talented wife, mother and home keeper from decades gone by that reminds me of my sister, Sara (I’m not posting a pic here so at least it will be a partial surprise for her when she opens it. I’m sure you’ll see it on her soon).

1961 suburban glam grandma.

If Sara and I lived back then…

Oh, and the reason my girlfriends get-away only lasted 28 hours?… just my luck… a weather front moved in Saturday night… freezing rain. I drove home late in the night to make sure I would make it back in time to pick up all my mama and homekeeping duties right where I had left off… 28 hours earlier. Honestly, Amy

Should have bought this hat in the event that I ever have to attend a state funeral...

Should have bought this hat in the event that I ever have to attend a state funeral…


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