I am a wiper

I am a Wiper

I wipe off the counter,

I wipe off the stove

I wipe off the Highchair

I wipe someone’s nose

I wipe off the table

I wipe off the glass

and when I change diapers

I wipe Eli’s…….butt (what kind of blog do you think this is?)

I polish “stainless” steel

I scrub out the grout

and when I wipe faces

my boys whine and pout!

I wipe off the door knobs

I wipe off the walls

I wipe sticky fingers

and everyone squalls!

I thought of this poem while scrubbing my floor

now, I should stop blogging

and go wipe some more!

Wiper No Wiping~!

sincerely, sara


“WIPE UP SURPLUS OIL” – NARA – 516163 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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