My five minutes with Matt

Today Show 2/27/08

Today Show 2/27/08 (Photo credit: Jeffrey Simms Photography)

I have 3 little boys and mornings here are just plain crazy! I almost can’t remember what my life was like before I became a Mother (aka slave, cook, nurse,referee, teacher, milkwagon etc) but for nearly 20 years I have started my day with Matt Lauer.

These days I hop up around 5am (some days eariler-uggh) . I have diapers to change, babies to feed, lunch to pack,6-year-old to scrub, 3 boys to catch and dress, laundry to start, breakfast to make……but as 7am approaches I get excited. I use the whole 5 minutes from 7:00 to 7:05 to get “ready” for my day. This usually involves fixing my “mom knot” , putting on my yoga pants (cause I NEED those to do the “Crouching laundry Dog” and the lesser known “Standing Dish Doer”. I usually put on a bra too-just for when I encounter another human. I swig my now lukewarm coffee and wait for that “Da-Da-Da”.

There he is…Matt and whomever else he is sitting with, telling me what I need to know for the day. This is not a crush really cause I probably have way more in common with Al Roker (my brother from another mother). I live in a Wrangler Jeans and Hospital Scrub world. Camo is a way of life-I don’t know any sharp dresser that likes Purrell and talks about current events….sigh.

So there we are together and all of a sudden the phone rings or I hear a crash or someone yells “MOM”…..and I gotta go, back in the game…….

Until tomorrow Matt…..

sincerely, sara

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