24601 maniacs – WWJD, what would Jean Valjean do?

Growing up we weren’t “allowed” to believe in fairy tales or Santa (can you say Satan?), and we weren’t really fanciful, and we were too big to play dress up, and we didn’t go trick or treating. Well, you get the point. And once upon a time my husband took me to NYC and we saw Phantom on Broadway. Cool, right? Wrong, I fell asleep. Yes, all that singing lulled me like a newborn. Also, I don’t like the idea of a disfigured basement guy as a voice coach/stalker/love interest. So when I heard Les Miserables was coming out I didn’t really think about going but rather envisioned all the devotees in those black t-shirts that bear the image of that mistreated messy haired little girl on it.  Standing there in line for the midnight opening, singing the soundtrack in unison/acapella. However, when my life partner suggested that we go out to lunch and to the movies one Sunday I was all over it (we have semi-annual dates). We vacillated between seeing Lincoln and Les Mis and since I already knew how Lincoln would end, I said, “what the heck,” lets see the singing movie.

Where to begin?

  1. Don’t buy a big soft drink. If you’re like me, you don’t want to have to leave to pee and miss pivotal plot lines. The film is like 8 hours long so be thirsty or wear a diaper.
  2. Take your Lexapro that morning. I was consumed with anxiety. I was angry at the injustice, I was blown away by the cinematography (not sure what that is), I was hurting for Fantine, worried about Cosette . I hated Cap’n Javert (but not as much as I hated Russell’s non baritone voice trying to belt out “stars”), I couldn’t believe that I was laughing and smiling at the swindling inn keepers, I thought I had caught impetigo and pink eye from watching the extras and could smell the scenes in the sewer.
  3. But after I got home I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. I searched Pandora for a les mis radio station and began learning each song and singing it with fervor (I took it down a notch when my little girls started belting out “lovely ladies”).   I called my sis to talk about Jean Valjean and how his in his life he was put in these positions where if he did the wrong thing it would be so much easier – but he would do the right thing and he kept getting blessed. He was selfless, full of empathy, compassion – a 19th century super hero/Christian and I posed this question to her,”what would Jean Valjean do?. She replied, I know what I would do…..plan a Oscar Party Menu!

Right, of course you would Sara…200px-WWJD-bracelet

Come back next Friday to see how Sara whips all this together and shares the recipes.

Viva La France, Amy

2 thoughts on “24601 maniacs – WWJD, what would Jean Valjean do?

  1. The screenplay (the book)(the script) is so genious and a brilliant depiction of mercy, grace, forgiveness, etc. (I think the score is brilliant too.) What is most hopeful is the finale: Do you hear the people sing..lost in the valley of the night…it is a music of a people who are climbing towards the light….for the wretched of the earth….there is a flame that never dies….even the darkest nights will end and the “son” will rise……….

    They will live again in freedom in the garden of the Lord……they will walk behind the ploughshare…..they will put away the sword…..the chains will be broken and all men will have their reward……(those who believe and trust will anyway!!)

    Pandora is a GREAT way to hear the “good” voices sing and learn the songs. 🙂

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