Chalkboarding, no helmet required

Trends are so trendy. They remind me of middle school. The popular girl would get the latest fashion, bag or hairstyle. I would spend all my efforts, time and babysitting money trying to copy the look.  I would usually get it almost right, have the knock off or get it on sale two years later.

So when the whole “chalk board” trend came around I didn’t jump in at first.  To me, a chalkboard is something a teacher with big upper arms furiously writes stuff on. Although I was intrigued when that chalk liner would come out, you know the thing that holds 5 pieces of chalk? The teacher would use it to  make handwriting guides or during music to create staff, bars and notes.

Anyway, last fall I gave in and asked Jim to paint one in the kitchen. I intended to write out the weeks menus and helpful reminders to family members. Perhaps even the occasional deep thought or humorous phrase. But most the time is was filled with the kids doodles and my weekly weight posted in the upper right hand corner.

Until one day with the help of pinterest I came up with these…

Honestly, Amy

st pat chalk

val chalk


xmas chalk

fall chalk

lucy 9 chalk

5 thoughts on “Chalkboarding, no helmet required

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