Hoarders-episode 2-Coo-Coo for a Broken Coo-Coo Clock

Coo-Coo Clocks

I did it this week! 2 random tubs, my shoes and purses. I threw away 9 pair of ratty flip-flops (my summer footwear) and I gave all the shoes I have not worn since I was “paid” to work to the Resale pile. (I have big feet so somewhere there is a happy cross- dresser!) Purses that I carried before I carried diaper bags went too!  Some of the items inside were a no brainer-I kept some silverware, tossed old gladware and odds and ends but, there where this one thing…I struggled…..

I don’t keep flower picks, hamburger wrappers or Hazmat filled apple juice jugs, but I really had a hard time with this….

I am Coo-Coo for a broken Coo-Coo Clock!

This clock, my Mom paid for – a gift for my Paternal Grandparents…from Germany……when her sister lived there….and they could not wait to give it back! Fast forward 30 years and it is mine and not working. The antler is broken off the stag and I take it to a clock shop in Madison….they want $350.00 to fix…naaaah….but why do I hold on to it?

I toss it all! yeah! I am da woman…then I fell guilty-should I?….I remember the bird and I see it hangin in my houses as a child….I am one step away from being a hoarder-aint I?

3 times I think I should rescue it…I feel guilty when the garbage truck leaves……

Next week the landfill that is the boys room and 2 more tubs……wish me luck!

Sincerely, Sara

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