1972 was a really good year

New House – $27,600

Average Income – $11,859 per year

New Car – $3,853

Average Rent – $165 per month1970s Store Display

Movie Ticket – $1.75

Gasoline – $.55 per gallon

Postage Stamp – $.08

Bacon – $.83 per pound

Eggs – $.45 per dozen

Fresh Ground Hamburger – $.64 per pound

Milk – $1.20 per gallon

According to the people history.com

1972 This year is marked as a black year in history due to the use of terrorism entering sport with the massacre of 11 Israel Athletes by Arab Gunman. Also this is the beginning of the biggest political scandal in modern times…the Watergate Scandal. On the other side of the Atlantic a worsening of the problems between the IRA and the British government see wrongs from both sides and innocent lives are lost. 

So, except for the earthquakes in Turkey, Nicaragua and Iraq that left 16,000 people dead and 10,000 homeless. Watergate, bloody Sunday in Belfast, the passing of Era and the Munich Olympics attacks, it really was a good year.


On the technology front, the digital watch is introduced, fashion has never been more hideous and fondue was all the rage.

However, the real highlight was that on this day of that year, Sara Beth was born.

Happy Birthday Sister!

3 thoughts on “1972 was a really good year

  1. This was just yesterday…..1972. I see Noah in those eys and Eli in that face. Jonah is hidden in there somewhere! My baby…….Sara Beth!

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