24601 maniacs… the recipes

Everyone put on a Beret and some red lipstick cause your about to put together an appetizer Oscar party that your friends will be singing about.images

We have spent hours discussing this experience that is Les Mis, the movie. While neither of us is really a “Broadway” type, we know the story and have seen it in other forms. Bur we are just swept away by this film.  We can’t wait ’til we can’t wait to watch it with subtitles and a pause button at home so we can absorb it all. Watching it once is like eating Thanksgiving Dinner in your car- tooo much! One day last week while we were talking about it we got on a roll…

We tested many variations of each recipe-We will share the successes and failures. These ingredients (except 2) were all available in our local Big Box store and the other 2 we will tell you where to get. Sara has a few tips and tricks for do-aheads so you can enjoy your party as well.

Polish your Silver people and work on your French Accent!

Check back in tomorrow (Monday) for the recipe and step by step tutorial on how to make;

Chicken Parmesan Jean Vajean Bites

Tuesday – French Onion, Éponini

Wednesday –  Mashers of the house

Thursday – I dreamed a dreamcicle shot

Friday – Party

Hang on to your Berets...it's gonna be a great Oscar Party!

Hang on to your Berets…it’s gonna be a great Oscar Party!

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