Are we there yet?

Isn’t the fact that men won’t stop and ask for directions used as fodder for comics, stand up and other funnies?

Well, in my house I’m the one that never knows where she’s headed or what direction in. On the other hand my husband was born with a Daniel Boone gene.

Daniel Boone (TV series)

It was perfected as a logistics specialist in the army. You could show Jim a map for like 5 minuets and he’ll tell you how many different routes to choose from to get you to your desired location and how many knots we are off the starboard bow or sea level or whatever.

I’m just thankful for my garmin and suri telling me what, where and how to go and for how long.

Last week my daughters had doctors appointments with specialists in Des Moines. That’s about an hour and 45 minuets south from here. I was really looking forward to eating at Chick-fil-A  mostly and was dreading the drive there and back.

What scares me most about depending on the garmin or my phone for directions is that you have to type the right destination into it  and pay attention a little. And since I’m not a super detailed person and a worrier, driving outside the 5 mile radius in my neighborhood is rather stressful.

On the way home (we left the metro area at 1:15 pm) I called my sister to help pass the time, tune out my crying baby and her fighting older sisters.

English: Iphone 4 Deutsch: Iphone 4

When that conversation ended I had passed Ames (go Cyclones) and new my exit for home would be coming up shortly. I then called my bff, got to talking and laughing, then  my mom beeped in and I listened to her for a while. Then I got to thinking, when is the exit for highway 30 gonna come along? I pushed that thought to the back of my full and cluttered brain and asked my mom how my dad was. Then I saw a sign that read Rockford 2 miles. I also noticed that nothing looked familiar, like at all and that the road had a reddish color to it. It looked vaguely like the roads looked when we went to camp in Minnesota last fall. Now the only Rockford I know of is in Illinois and that’s all the way up north (I think). I immediately told my mom I needed to get off the phone.

From the exit that I should have taken past Ames the remainder of the ride home would have taken about 40 minuets. So it made sense that my oldest kept interrupting my phone calls asking me, “are we there yet”?

I pulled over and looked at my phone and noticed that I had never pressed “start route” on the directions app. I then pressed clear and typed in from – current location, to – home. That smug little voice said “starting route to … estimated time, 2 hours and 15 minuets”. WHAT?????

I was so upset that I wanted to get out of the van and just sit in the ditch. I began to explain to the girls that mommy took a little bit of a wrong turn and that we were almost to another state. They began to whale.

I thought about people who have faced insurmountable odds and unbelievable situations. Of course this wasn’t one of those times but I was having a small panic attack.

Mt. Shasta, Kevin, Dave, and Darcy


I pulled into our driveway at 6:30 that night. Jim met us at the door just shaking and scratching his head.

There really is no moral to this story, I just wanted to share this to make you feel better about yourselves today.

Honestly, Amy

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