Mashers of the House

masherSomewhere between a Latke and a Loaded Tater Skin these Mashers are the perfect fit for your party! These are weird and wonderful and just might steal the show!

This is less of a recipe and more of a spark of creativity! I am going to tell you what I used but you could use just about anything!

Latke is usually garnished with applesauce and sour cream. Tater Skins wear bacon and cheese to a party. I wanted to marry the two of them….in France!

The Mashers of the House-bar!

The Mashers of the House-bar!

I have Clockwise from the top:
  • sliced cherry tomato and pearl mozzarella
  • ham
  • shredded swiss cheese
  • crème frache (french sour cream)
  • sliced and match sticks of green and red apple
  • brie with mushrooms
  • irish cheddar and black pepper parmigiano sliced
  • marcapone (italian cream cheese)
  • shredded cheddar
  • basil pesto
(Center) L-R arugula, caviar (fish roe), duck pâté, chopped dates, crumbled bacon.
the mashers!

the mashers!

I used McCain Home Style Baby Cakes (small hash browns), but you could use waffle fries, potato wedges or skins too! ( for more information!)

up close and personal!

up close and personal!

Everything on my Mashers Bar I purchased at Walmart or Aldi, except the roe-I got it at World Market ( $5.99. Look around, a

sushi bar might sell you some too.

Let's get dressed!

Let’s get dressed!

These babies are (top) crème frache, arugula, parm shard, pesto. (bottom r) marscapone, roe. (bottom l) marcapone, pesto, tomato,mozzarella,bacon-yum!

These is no wrong way!

These is no wrong way!

These yummies are (top r) crème frache, bacon, cheddar. (bottom center) crème frache, apple, Irish cheddar. (top l) crème frache, ham, swiss, chopped date. hmmmmm

I am not going to worry about leftovers-we will have amazing omelets tomorrow morning!

As the Master of the house, you can try



Roasted Red Peppers?

Mushroom Swiss?

Roast Beef and Horsey?

Laughing Cow and grapes?

Ketchup and pickles?


Spinach and artichoke?

Feta and black olives?

Sliced radish?

Smoked Salmon and red onion?

Creme Frache?


The plague has given this inn keeper madness!

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