I dreamed a Dreamcicle…..


This is so easy! What a no-brainer!

I dreamed a dreamcicle shot


Slim and elegant

  1. 1 pt Haagen-Dazs  vanilla bean ice cream
  2. 24 oz bottle of your favorite Orange Soda
  3. Pinnacle Cake flavored Vodka (or not)
  4. 1.4 oz shot glasses
  5. Straws, cut in half.
  6. Melon Baller

Place a “melon ball” sized scoop of ice cream and fill with 1 oz of each above. Add your Straw and serve immediately. I put my ice cream in my glasses hours before and park them in the freezer. All I have to do is fill during the party!


(Psst–a tip–My best find for shot glasses are resale shops (Goodwill, Salvation Army) pennies a piece, mix and match and send them home with your guests as a gift!)

Dare ya to do one every time you hear 24601!

Here’s Not to Empty Chairs and Empty Tables…but to Empty Plates!1-SAM_1339

Sincerely, Sara

One thought on “I dreamed a Dreamcicle…..

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