24601 maniacs… the recap


Oh to see our stars happy, well fed, holding awards, hugging. Not riddled with anguish, scabies and nightmares.

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks Les Mis character themed recipes.

To think that these all came from our minds, Sara’s test kitchen (actually, her only kitchen) and ingredients at the local grocer.

Sara and I love to plan a get together for any occasion. Almost all the fun comes over the course of multiple telephone conversations that take place to create it from scratch. We start with a theme and the ball just rolls from there. Sometimes we have to hold each other back a bit, take it down a notch or simmer. But in the end the event comes off amazing – from food to decorations to activities and guests.

We encourage you to make them all or at least try one and serve it to yourself as you watch Sunday night or serve them to your friends any time this year.

Bon Apatite, the sisters

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