Made in china

I come from a long line of picture wall people. Both of my Grandmas had one in their homes. So I guess it’s not a long line but it’s a line. Well, actually my mom doesn’t have one but well, anyway.

Its one of the things I loved looking at when I would visit them. I enjoyed seeing my folks and other relatives when they were younger or in a beautiful wedding gown or posed in front of their first house, etc.

The thing I love about decorating with vinyl lettering and images is that it’s not permanent. I tire quickly of my wall decor and I love the look of painted sayings. But seasons change and so do my tastes.

So when we moved to this house I had to find a new space for my collection of family pictures. It had adorned the wall going up the staircase to the 2nd floor in our old house but in this ranch home we now occupy I just didn’t have any inspiration.

Until … once again, Pinterest to the rescue. I simply typed in “picture wall” in the search and got a wonderful assortment of ideas and links to products that I could buy.

This is what I chose.

china wall 2

It was a third of the price of other vinyl trees I had seen online. Like I’m talkin’ for ones this size, they wanted $200. This beauty was 39.95.

When I was completing my order I realized it was shipped from China, so I ended up paying $50 for delivery. I also faced a moral and ethical dilemma because I’m sure a small communist child had made this in a factory where he works 18 hours a day with no bathroom break.

I waited for the post man, so excited to get it and slap it up on my wall. The day it arrived it was rolled up in a little tube. The directions were in chinese and probably tainted with bird flu.

I started cutting the pieces apart and for the next 8 hours I carefully positioned it onto the living room wall.


The quality of the material wasn’t as good as those I had used in the past. (Uppercase Living) It was very difficult to peel of the paper (ricin) and the vinyl was thin and wobbly.

I couldn’t have it be crooked or it would keep me up at night.

china 3

I finished hanging the last photo around 5pm (I started late morning). I was really pleased with the way it turned out.

The base of the tree has photos of our grandparents and parents on their wedding day.

Then there’s Jim and I as children, our first dog, our wedding. Pictures of us with each of our babies on the day they were born. Some others of our three precious  girls.

The two leaves off to the lower right that seem to be falling, are group shots of both sides of the entire families.

You probably wondered how I worked on this picture family tree wall all day while caring for my 6 month old baby? Wait, what baby…..?


Thankfully when I found her she had just been charging herself.

Honestly, Amy

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