I talked to the Invisible Man

The Invisible Man (film)

The Invisible Man (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let me just start off by saying I have been invisible. There was a time in my life when if you did not know me you did not notice me. I was overweight, underwhelmed and sad….I made some changes and I remember the first time I was no longer invisible…..I had lost about 70 lbs. I went in to pay for my $4.13 worth of gas with change (because that with what I emptied out of the lawnmower gas can would be enough to get me to work and back 4 more times before payday) and a dude held the door for me and the guy behind the counter asked me if I liked the weather…..I thought it was the friendliest Phillips 66  on the planet. Some would argue it was a change in my self esteem…but I was just surprised to be seen…. The rest of that story is for another day.

Fast forward a few….. Today I just have one barnacle with me and I decide to spend, “Mommy Time” at the dollar store…that’s right I am gonna blow thru $8.00 for no good reason! I enter the store and I immediately notice an aged man trying to talk to everyone there. I think to myself “Keep your head down and don’t make eye contact-you ain’t got no time for crazy!” I am selfish. I want to day dream and think about whatever I want!

I look at Easter stuff and cleaning supplies. I hear him telling someone his wife died a month ago. She used to do all the shopping. He wanted to know if Saltines were any good…..

I started to think about my G’pa Kenny. He had to take over all of that while caring for Betty Lou. How he was lonely and overwhelmed….I miss him.

Then I come face to face with Old Guy in the next row…he is holding the SAME OATMEAL COOKIES…G’pa Kenny liked…..(is it a sign from him-or that darn Holy Spirit working?) He asked me if I liked them-I said yes and my G’pa sure did. His eyes twinkle. I notice he has Prune Juice, 7 cans of soup, Saltines and TP in his cart.

Archway Cookies

I listen mostly-Eli wakes and entertains. We talk about snow, spring, gardens, summer tomatoes, etc…..we part and he said, “bless your heart”. I realize that my weekend will be void of silence and his silence will deafen him……I am blessed….again.

Sincerely, Sara

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