4H – Fitness, Fashion, Florida & Flowers

h8This is Hannah, the third sister.

This is our beautiful, fearless, smart “baby” sister!

For the month of March she will be our guest contributor each and every Monday.

We invited Hannah to share a slice of her life with you.

There are a few things that are foreign to us, but not to Hannah.

Things like fitness, fashion, being a Floridian and with her husband (Uncle Prince Erik or the Uncle formally known as Prince Erik) are part owner/operators of a landscape company in the center of the state (that’s where the flowers part come in).

So be sure to check back each Monday in March for 4h segments. orange_with_clover_jpegYou won’t be disappointed. (but you might feel bad about yourself)

March 4th – Fitness

hannah 1

March 11th – Fashion


March 18th – Florida


March 25th – Flowers



3 thoughts on “4H – Fitness, Fashion, Florida & Flowers

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