The best of February

February 1st we launched this blog for two reasons; A. We needed something to live for. B. There is only so much we can share about our daily lives in the update your status section on a facebook page.

Additionally it answered the cry from our loved ones near and far, encouraging us to; “write a book” or “go perform at a comedy club”.

keep calm

Thanks “followers”  – We love creating and sharing. Your feedback has been super encouraging. We’ve learned from the sites stats that you have enjoyed some posts more than others. So for those of you that may have missed what all the buzz was about the first time – we present to you…

facebook photos2

The Sisters

This conversation heart said a lot

When life gives you peppers – stuff ’em

Made in China

Mashers of the house

Chalkboarding, no helmet required

A year of mantlescapes

A few of the things I love about my boys

24601 – the recap

If the ham only costs $3, shouldn’t you buy it?

Chubby, taken and ready for some bacon

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