A tisket, a tasket what’s in our basket?

Sara’s basketStrange Way to Hold a Carton of Cottege Cheese

  1. 1 liter olive oil $4.99–World Market, find one near you….good stuff!
  2. Ponds  Dry Skin Cream for the face–The winter makes my face feel like leather.
  3. Curel Feet Therapy–My feet feel like my baby’s bottom.
  4. Yankee Candle– Sun Kissed Leaves, I am just ready for GREEN!
  5. Trisket– Black Pepper and Olive Oil and V8  Spicy= Mommy’s Lunchtime treat.
  6. Cuties-My kids eat cases of these little guys! (If only they would get the peels in the trash!)
  7. Oreo’s MEGA STUFFED–Have you seen these babies? (I blame the schools for the obesity problem!;))
  8. Corned Beef Brisket–It’s that time of year folks!
  9. Aldi brand Veal Parmesan–9 servings for $3.99-My kids think they are eating chicken nuggets.
  10. Lysol for the babies room- (I feel the need to mist everywhere these days and it doesn’t have that Lysol smell!)

Amy’s cart — with the wobbly wheel There's a health food store in a neighbouring town that uses carts similar to this - the two tiers are really handy for keeping similar items (say frozen with frozen) together. #vintage #grocery #store #shopping #homemaker #1950s

  1. Avocados, .39 each this week at Aldi, I also picked up a lemon — I’m gonna have guacamole on everything
  2. Multigrain Tostitos — See 1.
  3. Johnson & Johnson detangler — So I don’t abuse the girls in the morning when I’m brushing through their cotton candy, I mean hair
  4. Crown roast — Saving it for Easter.
  5. Roasted garlic Triskets and garlic lovers humus — Ain’t kissing nobody this week.
  6. Passion fruit, decaf green tea — My take it down a notch before bed.
  7. Canned chicken — I use it in a lot of things each week.
  8. Angel air pasta nests — They are just so cute.
  9. Coca-Cola classic — The baby, 90 calorie cans, cause I feel bad drinking it.
  10. Peppermint mocha creamer — Makes my coffee come alive.

What things did you find this week?

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