S is for shenanigans

The day I finished decorating my mantle for Valentines Day I sat on the couch and enjoyed it for a few and then began thinking of what I will put up there next. I wasn’t stewing over it in a frantic “term paper is due on Friday” sorta way and I certainly was not having irrational thoughts of, “now that I’m a hugely successful blogger I better come up with something really good so I don’t disappoint my followers” either.

Decorating my mantle is just my creative outlet. I like to see it go from a thought in my mind, to some drawing scratched onto a piece of paper, to shopping or reusing/repurposing items from my house, to (full circle) back again, sitting on my couch admiring my work.

It’s one of the few things that make me feel like I’ve accomplished something in a reasonable time frame. I’ve always been a girl who enjoyed the “in and out” basket way of working.

I haven’t done a St Paddy’s day mantel before because,

  • A. I’m not Irish
  • B. I don’t believe in luck
  • C. green isn’t my color. Also, while dreaming it up I kept envisioning a gay pride show piece. (enter rainbow)

I usually start with one thing and build the rest around it. The inspiration for this hodge podge came from the now ever trendy – chevron pattern. I’ve been wanted to try it but little did I know that I would have to be a mathematician to make it turn out right.

If I were to do it over I would have made the space in between and the actual stripes smaller and closer together. This rendering reminds me of Charlie Browns t-shirt or an angry monsters mouth getting ready to nosh on me. I also may have done it ombre (fancy for, the same color in progressing shades moving from lightest to dark) none the less, it turned out cute in a 3rd grade bulletin board sort of way.

Lest you think that I create alone in a beautiful workshop, I am also including a recipe of the lunch I was forced to stop and make for “all” of  the artist that magically appeared to “help” once they saw me with paints and a brush in had.


This collage shows from left clockwise; the supplies (note my thought scribbles), me drawing a grid of 4 1/2″ marks across the top and 3″ on the sides of this blank 16×20 canvas. I drew a diagonal line through the squares to create the pattern, taped them off, erased my pencil marks and painted. I used repositional vinyl letters and free handed “Blessed” with a sharpie.


The package came with 2 canvases, so I copied an idea I saw on pinterest for the 2nd one.  I Painted three coats of kelly green, the shamrock white and used more of the vinyl stickers.

I found this old shelf in the furnace room and I thought I’d paint/sharpie this creation. My husband Jim drew the shamrocks for me, I’m a horrible artist. It’s not perfect but neither are we so I like it.

Here it is. Another to add to “a year of mantlescapes”. My thought was the white flowers are the clouds at the end of the rainbow (poasterboard). I’ve been into using painted #’s for the actual date of the holiday and of course framed photos of my blessings.



Turkey & Stuffing meatballs on butter noodles


  • 1lb ground turkey
  • box of turkey flavored stuffing
  • shredded mont jack cheese
  • 1 egg
  •  S&P, dried parsley
  • butter
  • egg noodles


  1. Mix the first five ingredients together, form balls (any size) lay on greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 20 mins.
  2. Prepare noodles as directed, drain. Place a half stick of butter in with the noodles (I sprinkle some garlic salt in there too).
  3. Serve together or apart, they are quick and delicious.

Sometimes I serve these with a jar of turkey gravy and mashed potatoes.

It’s like a lil bit of thanksgiving…

Honestly, Amy

7 thoughts on “S is for shenanigans

  1. I love your creations!! So much FUN to see! And now you can sit and think of Deanna every day of the month. She would like that. haha.

  2. Very cute!!
    Glad I’m not the only one who has that opinion on rainbows. I’ve had to change my thinking…rainbow =God’s promise/Noah and not gay pride. :0)

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