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When my sisters asked me to be a guest blogger on their fab sisterslice site, I thought, “about time,” because as the youngest, I am used to getting most of the accolades and attention in the family 🙂 But in all seriousness, I have always looked up to my big sisters and am so proud of this amazing blog they have created. I love this site for so many reasons but mostly because it is the perfect depiction of my two sisters…taking care of people is what they do best, whether through the heart, stomach or mantle, you can see both of their personalities and greatest attributes shine in their posts.

So in all honesty, when they asked me to guest blog, I thought, “Oh gosh, my stories are not nearly as funny as theirs, I am certainly no chef and most of my life is consumed with owning a business.” But thankfully, my sisters thought of some subjects that relate to my life and hopefully some of yours too.


As most women do, I cringe when I hear this word. The good Lord has blessed me with a petite frame, but I like to refer to myself as skinny-fat. Because, like most women, I hate working out and I LOVE chocolate (well, anything with sugar really). But I also hate having to buy a whole new wardrobe when the pounds start to fluctuate over the years, so I am forced to be conscientious of what I eat.

Throughout my adult life, I have been at different fitness levels. As a college cheerleaderIMG_2986 I was lifting weights, but would skip out on a lot of the cardio sessions, so I began to “bulk” up. Later in my college life, I wanted to become healthier, so I started working with a trainer. I learned ways to create lean muscle, while making cardio a part of my life to burn the calories. I was at my peak fitness at my wedding in 2010 when I would exercise 4-5 days per week, incorporating light weight training and cardio into each workout. IMG_2985Today, as a busy business owner, I am happy if I get 1-2 cardio sessions in per week. But I have found my energy and positivity levels are so much better as long as I just keep moving. We all experience different times in our lives where fitness and health take priority or they just don’t. But the key to my success has been to keep moving in some way every week, no matter what. Do not create or accept a completely sedentary lifestyle, keep the endorphins pumping and you will find yourself with more energy and a better outlook on life.2013-03-03

As we all know, staying active is important, but your weight management and health are mostly about what you EAT. This is another area I struggle with because I would ideally eat chocolate and drink soda every day of the week (I can’t lie…sometimes I do). But again, we get into buying a whole new wardrobe and who can afford that?! So here is my routine that I generally stick to to maintain my weight.

Breakfast – Eat it EVERYDAY, no excuses. It should have protein and fiber to maximize your energy and keep you feeling full. My favorites are Kashi GO Lean Crunch cereal or Oatmeal. I like it with a cup of coffee with a non-fat flavored creamer. Total calories = 250 – 300. You will be full till lunch and have a nice, healthy dump after all of that fiber.

Lunch – I am a huge fan of Turkey Sandwiches. I am a working girl, so whether you pack it yourself, or stop at your local deli or sub shop, it is easy, healthy and delicious. But beware of how you prepare it to keep the calories low. I like a Turkey Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread with spicy mustard (skip the mayo – too many calories), veggies like tomato, cucumber, banana peppers and depending on my mood, maybe a little vinegar. Skipping the cheese and mayo/sauces should keep most turkey sandwiches between 350-450 calories. Eat with baby carrots, cucumber slices or fruit instead of chips.

Snack – Working full time, I find myself needing a pick-me-up a few hours after lunch but before the workday is through. I usually turn to nuts, like almonds, cashews or pistachios – a handful will fill you up and pack a punch of protein. I also like a protein granola bar or fruit. 100 – 150 calories.

Dinner – After a long day of work, one of the last things I want to do is cook, so I rarely do. My go to grabs for dinner would be a rotisserie chicken from the local grocery store – healthy, juicy and delicious, pair with a salad to keep it light. If I do cook, I make most normal recipes, but I make them light. So instead of tacos, we have turkey tacos on a low-carb tortilla. For burgers on the grill, I sneak a 93/7 meat and whole wheat buns. We also bake french fries and include a vegetable. Usually my dinner portions equal 500-600 calories.

My day is 1,200 – 1,500 calories total. As a woman, you can lose and/or maintain a healthy weight at this amount. And as long as you’re drinking a lot of water throughout the day, you shouldn’t be hungry. This is real food too, notice I don’t cut out carbs or sugars completely. This is a lifestyle that, for me, is pretty easy to stick to. I also allow myself 1 day on the weekend to eat whatever I want. Having the cheat day makes me more apt to stay on track during the week. And if you have 2-3 cheat days 1 week, that’s okay. Just get back on track, no one is perfect.

In the end, it’s all about calories in, calories out. There are many great apps and websites out there that tell you how many calories you need to consume/burn in a day to be at your ideal weight (my favorite is “Lose It,” it’s an App and I believe a website now too). Look up where you would like to be, and start watching your intake. Small changes can make a big difference. And Hey, sometimes a new wardrobe is ok, especially when it’s a SMALLER one.

Keep it Classy,


7 thoughts on “4H – Fitness

    • Usually, I have a snack in the afternoon, and if I want something sweet after dinner(I love Dark Chocolate Banana Babies – small banana dipped in dark chocolate, 140 calories) , I’ll try to eat it immediately after dinner. Don’t wait too late, otherwise the food does not have enough time to digest before going to bed.

  1. LOVE IT!!! Southwest Baptist University seemed a life time ago…GO BEARCATS!!!! “SPIRIT FINGERS!!!” wonderful encouraging blog…so makes me want to get down to my “playing” days…the question is what will I be “playing” all my games are with 3 beautiful girls, such as, hiding go seek, “FROGGER”, reading, adventures…I guess my “playing” days are over…I can always afford to walk…thanks for the encouragement!

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