4 Season School Snacks

My first grader’s teacher asked me to make some snacks–how could I refuse? It is standardized testing week here in Cheeseland. Mrs. Jones asked me to help–I know a normal, busy Mom would probably throw some goldfish at this challenge–but I ain’t normal!!  Teacher wants healthy, “brain-food”. Off to Pinterest I flew like a flash, I got lots of ideas and inspiration but it had to meet 4 criteria: 1— could I make 20 of these on a busy school morning? 2— could I find the stuff?  3— can I afford to do this 4 days this week, and finally…WOULD THEY EAT IT? I pinned and pinned and searched my soul for inspiration.We are in a deep freeze below zero and all I dream of is green so this is where the inspiration starts……1-SAM_1382


Butterfly sammies (Cheese or PB)

Fruit Flowers

This was super easy! 2 boxes of Pepperidge Farm Crackers. Each box has 2 sleeves of butterflies with 23 each…I made 40 sammies. Lucky for me we had no nut allergies. Just a smear of Cheese spread or PB and you are good to go! I took a melon ball on a Lollypop stick…I didn’t use the skewers I had on hand– cause I wanted to be Momtastic and not the Mom that caused little Johnny to go blind. I got the Wilton Lollypop sticks–88 cents well spent! Wilton Flower Cupcake papers too!1-SAM_1261


Half Turkey Dogs on Baby Hawaiian Ballpark Bun07-SAM_1158

These were a snap to put together in the mornin’! I boiled 1 pack of 10-piece Oscar Meyer Turkey dogs. The Hawaiian Dinner Rolls come 24 to a package and they are the perfect size and soft!   A quick split down the middle and I cut the dogs in half. I wrapped each in foil (ala Ballpark) and places them in the oven at 200 ’til we were ready to roll. I sent a bottle of Ketsup and these were the favorite!04-SAM_1155

I originally wanted to make watermelon star pops…but watermelons were $20 a piece and tasted like sandpaper–so on to plan B…. We can all use some Vitamin C this time of year!

Day 3 Fall

Cheese Leaves and crackers08-SAM_1159

I just used my tiny thanksgiving cookie cutters and cut out the cheese shapes. Owls, leaves, turkeys and acorns–I bought mini triskets and mini saltines-1st graders love tiny food! I was a little afraid because the cheese I got (in the scratch and dent bin) was a bit “wangy” Colby, Harvarti with dill, Swiss and smoked Provalone….and I’ll be danged if these little Wisconsin kids didn’t gobble them all up–no questions asked!

Acorn cookies1-SAM_1164 - CopyCome now–we have been so good all week! I didn’t know if the Cheese would go so we whipped up these acorn bites the night before. Mini Nutter Butter or Mini Nilla Wafer, Hershey Kiss, Chocolate Chip and a bit of frosting glue…. It is super easy and fast once you unwrap all the kisses, and sample a few.

Apple Juice

Day 4 Winter

Snowmen Blueberry Muffins

1-SAM_12341-SAM_1228This was just 2 boxes of blueberry muffin mix. I added a cup of fresh blueberries as well. ( I sent the rest in snack bags (a few in each) and called them “snowman buttons”)  They got a fresh coating of “snow” (powered sugar) and I busted into my cookie sprinkles to complete the face.

Melted snowmen waterbottles-White duct tape and a sharpie and we ended our snacks with a smile!

1-SAM_1232The class all wrote me thank you notes with pictures telling me their favorite things. I was glad to help, glad they liked it and glad I was done!

Sincerely, Sara

8 thoughts on “4 Season School Snacks

  1. You put me to shame! How lovely and so glad you use your artistic, creative talent to be a blessing. These are gorgeous and so much fun for kids or adult!

  2. Those snacks are awesome!! Here in IL we have to buy the snacks that are Pre packaged. But could do the fruit idea!

  3. Sara,

    You never fail to amaze me with your creativity and imagination!! Your boys are so blessed to have you as their mom!!!

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