World’s okayest Mom

Yes, that’s me. World’s okayest Mom.

Why you ask ? (or maybe you didn’t, but if I don’t answer it there is no post today)mom

I enjoy looking back through the our photo albums on facebook. They have become my new way to scrapbook. I use to really scrapbook – back before the kids were born, when I didn’t have anything to scrapbook about.

A weekend trip here, a page about our dog there. Then when we started having kids I didn’t have time to scrapbook and I was always feeling like I should be preserving  their memories and anyway where was I?

Oh yes, I was looking through my facebook albums and marveling at how the girls have grown and changed. I then started seeing  pictures randomly pop out that made me think gee, if child protective services saw some of these  – I would probably lose custody. (and with the way they have acted lately I should send them a  friend request – kidding…)

For your viewing pleasure I present to you a collage I’ll call, Maybe that wasn’t  a good idea or Maybe my first response shouldn’t have been to grab the camera and take a snapshot before I intervene…

Honestly, Amy

facebook photos


facebook photos1

6 thoughts on “World’s okayest Mom

  1. Ughhh (my hand slaps my forehead)…isn’t there a professional in your house that has a doctorate in psychology education? are these photos that allow others to say, “They should know better.” or are they a reflection of parental guidance, allowing kids to take risks and being accountable? you be the judge.

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