Oz the Great and Powerful brunch

Official Poster for Sam Raimi's Oz the Great and Powerful

A small-time magician arrives in an enchanted land and is forced to decide if he will be a good man or a great one.

We are small time cooks that create in a messy, not “up to date”  kitchen. Forced to decide if we will serve a good brunch or a great one.

We grew up watching the Wizard of Oz (those monkeys scared us, so did the part when the wicked witch melts). Amy saw Wicked and gave it 4 stars! Today the prequel to the prequel’s uncle is out (I don’t know, it all gets a little confusing). So we decided to make a “themed” meal, we dig stuff like this.

Each Friday we’ll share on of the 4 dishes and a Wizard of Oz birthday party that we threw for Lucy’s 4th birthday that was straight out of munchkin land.

So click your heel’s together and say, “there’s no place like the sisterslice.com”.

Glinda’s salmon cream cheese on mini-munchkin bagels

Flying monkey bread

Follow the yellow brick omelette bar

Wickedly green crudités with green goddess dressing

And as a bonus,

Ruby slipper pockets

Yes, we know these aren’t in the movie but we like shoes and wanted to add another sweet side to balance out the savory.


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