Mantle Wars


I have no idea how we sisters started Mantle Wars or when it became such a part of our weekly conversation. Our goal is not to outdo each other– but more impress and inspire. I have lived in other houses with a fireplace and it was nice and pretty but not so important to me….til now–here is why…….

My life has been overtaken by three stooges I call my children and a hubs that has his own agenda-I spend my days in this beautiful 1100 sq ft trying to dig thru the piles of laundry, bits of paper and  smattering of LEGO’s. My boys simply can’t leave a throw pillow on the couch or hand towel draped over the oven door-These guys make messes faster than I can clean them. There is ONE place, one sacred spot where there are no toys, stickers, sticky fingers just a bit of dust–My Mantle!!

My style is a bit more rustic and organic than my sisters. I tend to use “found” things. Last fall we used turkey feathers, pinecones, acorns, Whitetail sheds and branches from our yard-What?  You don’t have turkey feathers in your yard?? Where so you live? Mars? Use what you have! Use what you know!  I steal snowflakes from my Christmas Tree for January and You will see my lantern used for height and interest. I also picked up a Monogram H at the goodwill and I give it a fresh spray of paint from season to season. My twigs and branches from fall got a coat of sliver for winter. I grabbed some paint sample cards for my rainbow in March. I am not much of a “weener” so Halloween is my least fav. Unlike my Supersis…I never sketch or draw a grid…..

So, as you can see…I will never host a show on HGTV about decorating. I am not a designer. I just like to stare at it in the evening while I’m rocking my baby and dream and scheme my next scape.

I hope wherever you live that you have a shelf, mantle or window sill that does the same for you.

Sincerely, Sara

3 thoughts on “Mantle Wars

  1. Glad you have one spot… the whole house that no on touches. You and your sister both outdo me on the mantle business!

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