Is it really just my bladder?

I’ve been waking up in the night lately. At least once a night to “go”. (Remember this is how I broke my ankle)  Now when I get up I’m sure to check for leaky toilet tanks so I don’t slip again. All the light and movement really wake me up. I Recently Updatedusually browse my cell phone that is charging next to my bed. I comment here or there on a facebook post. I check out the weather for the next day or look at pictures on intsagram.

Yesterday my Lucy wrote the sweetest post to this family on her dad’s facebook page,

Praying for American pastor Saeed Abedini

You see, Saeed is an American pastor imprisoned in Iran for sharing his Christian faith. He was there to help build an orphanage and arrested by the revolutionary guards for evangelizing. After a sham court hearing he was sentenced to serve 8 years at Evin prison. This institution is the most violent and deadly prison in existence. It houses the worst of the worst.

Pastor Saeed leaves behind a beautiful wife and two small children, they live in Boise Idaho. Our family is burdened for their plight and we pray for them at least 3 or 4 times through out the day. You can sign a petition asking our state department to do something and learn more at

Last night when I couldn’t go back to sleep I thought of Naghmeh (his wife) and prayed for her. I listened to Jim sleeping beside me and knew that she was in her marriage bed alone. I have been guilty of telling someone or posting on a wall, “I’ll Pray for you” but sometimes I don’t – it’s just words, Christian lingo, jargon – meaning; I feel bad for your situation.

I realized that God may be waking me up or not letting me go back to sleep until I have asked him to help, heal and release all the people that I have told I would pray for.

Lucy last night asked me (as I was working on a blog post about a Reuben sandwich) “Mom, you are blogging about pizza pasta and decorating our living room, why aren’t you telling your 1,000 blog followers about pastor Saeed?”

Whoa….. yes, why aren’t I?

Please pray for this man to be returned to his family, to be kept safe under horrible torturous conditions and to be encouraged. Pray for his wife, his kids, his parents…

The attached is a letter being read, one he wrote his wife shortly after his detainment. Listen to him encourage you in your life, when you are pressed and struggling. Think about your faith and the freedom you have to share it, live it or to decide to have it.

Honestly, Amy

Click here to hear the letter

8 thoughts on “Is it really just my bladder?

  1. Amy, I had read Lucy’s post yesterday and was so amazed at her loving sweet spirit and caring heart. She has been through so much pain in her life but knows God is there caring her through each step of the way. You have done an awesome job in raising her and showing her God’s love for His people.

  2. Thank you for posting this video. What an eye opener for all of us (mom your 1000 viewers) to pray for this Pastor and his family and many others that are sacraficing for God. I certainly will be praying more daily for him.

  3. Many have been guilty of utter the easy phrase, “I will be praying for you”, and then simply forgetting about it. God has used both Pastor Saeed and Naghmeh to teach the world many lessons in what it means to be a true Jesus Christ follower. We are all blessed to be able to pray for such amazing people, during which God is working in the hearts of so many individual people. We will forever be changed, for the better. Continuing to pray for God’s faithful servants. Thank you for blogging about Pastor Saeed and his family, it will be inspiration for others to pray and do the same. Pinterest, Twitter, and any other social outlet can also be used to reach many. May God’s will and purpose be done. #savesaeed for more information about Pastor Saeed.

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