When life gives you lemons, this is how the sisters slice ’em

Sara and I had been planning the loveliest of lunches for Easter. And of course we were going to blog about it. It even had  (in our opinion) a really witty blog post title;

He is risen indeed, now what’s for lunch?

We talked at length about ingredients and the  preparation – I even bought the main dish already – a crown roast (the ring of chops with the little chef’s hat on the top of each piece). However, Sara fell, hit her head and bruised her already frazzled brain. I have this broken ankle that hasn’t healed after 6 weeks and am getting a plate put in it next week (and not cute plate ware, more like titanium hardware).  So plans have changed…

This is what we were going to make, Easter 2013

  • Crown roast

  • Wild rice, french onion and mushroom casserole

  • Citrus and honey glazed ham

  • Spring Yukon Gold baby potatoes with herb compound butter

  • Carrot soufflé

  • Bunny dinner rolls

Easter Bunny Dinner Rolls » The Homestead Survival

  • Green crudité with green goddess/spinach dip/spinach humus

  • Chick deviled eggs

Chick Deviled Eggs

  • Strawberries dipped in white chocolate that look like lil carrots

'Carrot' dipped strawberries

Given the predicament we find our selves in and the inability to pull it off physically, we have scaled it back and simmered it down. Here’s plan B;

Easter Lunch 2013 – Hollendale, Wisconsin

  • Spiral cut pre cooked ham on onion rolls
  • Loaded baked potato salad
  • The mother of all vege trays with homemade green goddess dip
  • Buffalo chicken pasta salad

and we’re still going to make the chick deviled eggs and the  carrot chocolate dipped strawberries.

Momo and Popo will bring Eli’s 1st birthday cake and we’ll celebrate his precious milestone.

The best part of this Easter lunch is that we will be spending it together (all except our sister Hannah and hubs).

What’s most important about the Holiday anyway? (aside from the resurrection)

It’s sharing time, sharing a short time of your life with the ones you love and that love you even if you hobble a little and can’t remember your middle name…

Sincerely and Honestly, Sara and Amy

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