I had a cup of coffee today

Every morning I tumble out of bed like a racer on her mark.  My morning is full of distractions, interruptions, explosions and other “natural” disasters–with a ticking clock to beat! I feel like I do more by 7:30 am than I used to do all day. I make my coffee in an old-fashion drip, Keureg is too high-falutin’ for me. I am half awake and may or may not admit to putting the grounds in the babies’ bottle and the formula in the filter basket–more than once. I pour my cup and eat my breakfast over the sink,  bark orders to our minions and brace for the next emergency.Pinned Image

The Hubs had the morning off and 2 of my stooges had school. I left the baby with Daddy and off I went. Instead of my fevered shopping and errands or doctor appointments, I went to this sweet little coffee shop called The Cooks Room and I ordered a cup. I made no lists, no phone, blog or email, no paper or coupons to clip–just the coffee and a window. It is another cold, gray March day, there is a fresh coat of powder on the streets and cars. I grasp the cup, enjoying the warmth in my hand, the smell, I delight in the saucer my cup sits on and design of the spoon. I watch the traffic and spy on a pigeon on the rooftop across. I tune out the conversations of the twenty-somethings to my right and the sixty-somethings to my left.

I won’t allow myself to dwell on work or worry or woe–for this moment it is just me and my cup of joe.My Cup of joe

I take a few moments to unplug, relax, recharge–and just be!

Sincerely, Sara

5 thoughts on “I had a cup of coffee today

  1. I don’t drink coffee…(yucky) it is sad it is so hard for me to imagine sitting still and not multi tasking. Sounds dreamy…alas it is not on my schedule today. Glad u enjoyed some time for us today.

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