4H – Fashion


My Style:  Trendy yet Classic, Not too flashy, sexy or over-the-top. I like to be noticed, but for the right reasons.

By this time, you must be wondering, “when is this younger sister going to stop talking about herself?” Well the answer is, not yet. This week’s topic, as picked by Amy, is Fashion. Although I am no fashion expert, I have enjoyed shopping and staying on trend most of my life. In my younger years I spent much of my time at the malls and stores searching for new outfits, looking for great deals and practicing retail therapy. However, as I get older and the responsibilities increase, I find myself not making as much time for shopping. When I make time to go, it is usually for a specific occasion or my bi-annual shop for the new season. And my favorite fashion season, SPRING, is upon us.

Of course I love this shopping season the most because I can wear these clothes nearly year-round living in Florida. But for you readers who live in a seasonal climate, this should be your favorite too. Let’s shed those chilly, gray, depressing layers of winter and brighten up our lives with the colors of Spring! Here are a few of my favorite Spring trends and how to translate them from the runway to the street.


Bright Colors:  This is a trend that is continuing and is always fun for Spring. I love a bright dress for an evening out or a colorful pair of skinny pants/jeans for a day of errands.


From Left:  Carolina Herrera – Spring 2013 Runway, Gianni Bini Maxi Dress $119 – Dillards.com, Gap Skimmer Jean $69.95 – Gap.com

Stripes:  This is one of my favorite trends, I love a horizontal stripe, but go bold with vertical. Whatever your direction, get some stripes!


Top:  Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs – Spring 2013 Runway.  Bottom:  Banana Republic Dress $98 – bananarepublic.com, Me wearing Express Cotton Blazer $69.95 (no longer available, but found similar styles at Gap, Kohl’s, The LOFT)

White:  This trend looks great all year long, but especially in the heat of Spring and Summer. Get a flirty white dress or crisp pair of white pants and look great at any Spring gathering.


From Left:  Missoni – Spring 2013 Runway, Zara Dress $79.90 – zara.com, Express White Ankle Pant $69.90 – express.com

Floral Print:  Weather on a girly dress or funky ankle pant, this trend is hot for the Spring.

Fotor0317222045From Left:  Kenzo – Spring 2013 Runway, H&M Floral Pant $29.95 – hm.com, LOFT Floral Halter Dress $79.50 – loft.com

These are just a few of my favorite trends for your sunny-day threads. Put your own twist on these Spring favorites and you will be the chic-est chick in town. Don’t forget a great pair of shades!


Keep it Classy,



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