He’s alive…on my mantel

Remember the big black cross from my Christmas mantelscape?  I took it, an old plastic egg wreath and some more cardboard numbers – coated them with two coats of robin egg blue colored spray paint. I bought two $9 orchids from Aldi, pulled out photos of my girls from last spring. Gathered some odds and ends from my holiday box of knick knacks and – voilà! I present to you…

 ” He’s alive” Easter mantelscape 2013.


Fotor0318135242I added the doily garland but it really wasn’t necessary. There was already the colorful spring pennant and the egg garland but once I had used up the better part of a morning to make it, I decided it was going up there. This is the part where a normal person would stand back and say “less is more”.

Anyhow, here is the how to..

  1. I knew holding on to all this old scrapbook paper would come in handy one day…
  2. I went through said scrapbook paper and found a bunch of pastels, patterns and one even had happy easter on it.
  3. I purchased a 10 pack of 10″ doilies from Hobby Lobby for like $1.99 – they were in the cake decorating section (I also got the bakers twine that I used to hang it on there too)
  4. I cut out 6″ circles from the pretty papers with a cutting system from my scrapbook stuff. (again hording can pay off)
  5. I glued the 6″ paper onto the doily, folded it in half, set a big, heavy book on top of them for an hour and then laid them onto the twine. (I attached the length of twine to the fireplace mantle with push pins)

Fotor0318141026This may be my favorite mantel yet. The only thing that could make it better would be a big stone that could roll away from in front of it, kind of like a big reveal every time the front door opens…

Honestly, Amy

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