Starve a fever, feed a cold and if you get the stomach flu – pray for death

Maybe you’ve heard the old saying, “starve a fever, feed a cold?” I always get these “passed down” pearls of wisdom confused and then make matters worse by forcing my family to follow them. Also they’re so unscientific and well-intended that I’m highly skeptical. I suppose the rationale behind it has something to do with this; drinking hot broth soothes your burning throat, which is caused from open mouth breathing. Eating food you can’t taste, caused by your nose being so stopped up gets your digestion going and generates warmth for the “cold?” Then on the flip side – laying off the food intake helps temper the inner heat caused by digestion and won’t spike the fever?

I don’t know, I’m not technically a MD but I am the RN on duty and I study the medical websites on the internet at length.

This week we just finished up our 2nd run in with the flu and colds/sinus infections in 2 months. Maybe these bugs never really went away? Perhaps they laid waiting, hiding in our bodies, looking for a signal from our brains telling them we were about to go somewhere or do something fun so they should resurface with a vengeance.


During these bouts of, “get it into the puke bowl!” and “when are you going to learn – you can’t trust a fart?” I think about people who have fought in a war or the Von Trapp family fleeing the Nazi regime across Austria on foot.

Call me selfish, but there is only so much you can take when it comes to constantly cleaning up foul stuff from both ends on 3 to 5 people. I hide sometimes in between acts of service and think about ways to escape. I pretend I can’t hear my name being called to wipe someone or act as if I can’t smell the baby. Is that wrong? Don’t answer…


It does all pass, literally and figuratively and life goes on…

Its spring today and snow is on the ground. We’ve gone through 9 boxes of  kleenex since last Saturday. I’m using vicks as a lip balm. I’ve thrown at least 3 pair of under ware away and one outfit (not mine of course). It could be worse, it could be a terminal condition…

I’m learning that I should appreciate the days when everyone is feeling well and healthy because it could be, it can be – a lot, LOT worse.


Now go wash your hands and chew on some vitamin C,

Honestly – Amy

6 thoughts on “Starve a fever, feed a cold and if you get the stomach flu – pray for death

    • The BEST anti-bug spray I have found is old fashion peroixide. They use it in a lot of hospitals now and it comes conventiently in pump spray bottles at the drug stores. I think you need to order a case of it. It truly works miracles when you can’t open up the windows and air out the germs. Praying for you guys. Sending hugs and lots of love.

  1. Amy…you have a way with words…and I LOVE that you are Dr. Mom…you “escape” is never known…you are always available to the kids and that is a wonderful gift….

  2. Made me lol. Alex forced me to tell her what I was laughing about. I said, “never trust a fart” and she didn’t laugh…. Oh well, Brody is sick here today and its snowing. Happy spring break

  3. Oh, this brought back painful memories! The relief when they finally manage to puke on their own and in the right place. I wish we blogged back then so I would have the pics and proof!

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