Not bad for an OLD EGG

Part 3

We chose the name for our first son on the way home from eating Greek…maybe we thought Noah sounded like Ooompah–I really can’t remember. The Sunday after I learned son#2 was on the way the pastor spoke from the book of Jonah and it seemed like a done deal. Now, in my opinion you can’t have a kid named Noah and one named Jonah and name the next one…I don’t know….Kevin or something like that. I thought about Abe and Moses none of them seemed right…then I remembered.


Kenneth Wilbur Elliott

The last conversation I had with my Pa–I was there to visit him in the nursing home I sat in the room and watched he and my Gramma Betty Lou drift off to sleep, wake with a start, scan the room for each other, then go back to their naps. When Jonah was just a few weeks old, Pa told me he looked intelligent–not bad for a Norwegian child (with a twinkle in his eye) and he said, “Why hell, I can’t figure out why none of my grandkids are named after me” Again with the twinkle in his eye….

Fast Forward to this baby I had many ultrasounds and around 18 weeks the hubs and I were pretty sure we saw the turtle sign. Kenneth or Wilbur didn’t seem to fit…but Elliott seemed just right! The hubs has a Grandpa named Ever (pronounced with a long “e”-ver not “never, ever) a nice Norwegian name. I think E.E Hanson sounds like an author or something…and if this baby is gonna struggle or have needs I want him to have the name of a great man!

I have no idea what my Pa was like as a baby…but I know he was 1 of nine, he had a job at 8 lighting earning morning furnace fires for rich folks and he held his sister’s hand as she died of tetanus because they had no money for the shots.  Pa was a war hero, a faithful and loyal husband ’til the end and had a twinkle in his eye and a love for the simple things in life!

If this baby is gonna have struggles…there is only one name for him…..ELLIOTT! Elliott Ever Hanson…we shall call him Eli and we will love him no matter what!

Well he came!1-{61391b76-a9e9-427d-b67d-3a0850a8bfae}_7BW

My little 9 pounder right before midnight! It was a bit harder and a wee bit longer than the others and I was pooped. We counted his fingers and toes and I was in love.

We have had an amazing year! Eli is a happy baby! He laughs and smiles and grows and tries! I have enjoyed his babiness and I have been much more relaxed. I admit I rock him twice a day–he naps wherever we are whenever he can. He hates clothes so I hardly dress him. I love to pull him close in the wee hours, he is spoiled and rotten just like the rest and I would not have it any other way!  I am not in a hurry with this one. I think my old quiver is full and I have been given 3 amazing gifts. The other boys want a sister from China–I told them everything that WalMart sells is from China, maybe if we see one there we will pick her up.

Happy First Birthday Elliott Ever “Eli” Hanson–You are my answer to prayer.

Sincerely, Sara

5 thoughts on “Not bad for an OLD EGG

  1. What a wonderful picture of Uncle Kenny,I had never heard those things about his early life,but I certainly knew the twinkle in his eye,because dad has it too.

  2. Yes, a great pic of Ken (Mr. Elliot as I knew him since he was my neighbor and elder). And of course that twinkle.

  3. Happy birthday Eli! Love the name for many reasons but most important is that I knew your grandpa and grandma! The Elliott’s were the nicest family. Always enjoyed being with them as cousins in law???? Hope you are resting and recovering Sara.

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