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Alas, it is my last Manic March Monday as a guest blogger on The Sister Slice. After my first few posts about Fitness, Florida and Fashion, you must be thinking I live quite a fabulous lifestyle with some great office job. On the contrary, I am a “landscaper.” Pretty glamorous, huh?! Although I would never have pictured myself in this industry when thinking of a potential career path during college, I did know that I wanted to be an Entrepreneur some day.

I did work in a great office job in corporate America after college for a few years, but in 2011, my husband, Erik became partner in his family’s commercial landscape franchise, U.S. Lawns. Erik had worked in the landscape industry since he was 14 years old, and with U.S. Lawns since 20 years old, so it was a natural fit. Erik asked me to also join the business to help with the sales and administrative aspects, and so my love and passion for landscape began.

Living in Florida, your curb appeal is a big deal. We are among the most beautifully lush and tropical plant life in the United States. It typically does not freeze in most parts of Florida, so you can have flowering gardens throughout the whole year. Most of our clients sign up for Quarterly annual installation. Since different annuals do well at different times of the year and in different climates (i.e. cooler temps vs. very hot temps, direct sun vs. shade), we have to select the best flowering annuals for that time of year and area.

Since our March theme has been Spring, below are some of my favorite Florida friendly annuals for the Spring and Summer:


Coleus do well during the hot parts of summer. They are resilient and will grow in most conditions, but prefer some shade, and you must keep them watered.


Dianthus do well in Spring and Early Summer. They do not like wet feet, so be sure your bed/pot has proper drainage.


Geraniums do well in Spring, but do no prefer the heavy summer heat. They prefer full sun exposure and moist, but not too wet of soil.


Marigolds do best in the warmth of Spring and Summer. When initially planted, they require a lot of water.


Blue, Red and White Salvia, as shown, do well in warm temperatures. The like some shade and prefer a drained, more dry soil.


Zinnia grow best in the Spring and Summer weather. They prefer full sun and are drought tolerant so they do not require much water.

Tips for planting:  Choose your bed space and till your soil well. Add a topsoil with fertilizer while tilling the soil. Plant annuals at least a hand space apart. Plant deep enough so the root ball is just slighty covered with topsoil. Do not cover base of flowers with too much dirt or any mulch, it will suffocate the plant. Water immediately after planting. Deadhead throughout the season to promote new growth.

Now I know not all parts of the country get to enjoy green gardens year round, in fact many of you are probably looking at white or brown ones right now. But take heed, the first day of Spring was March 20th, and you need to start thinking about what you’d like to plant for the summer. Leave us a comment of where you live and your favorite flowers to plant for summer.

For more information about Commercial Landscape Management throughout the United States, visit www.uslawns.com.

Have a Fantastic Spring,


PS. It’s Amy here, thesisterslice.com wants to thank our favorite little sister for sharing on this blog. We hope you have enjoyed a slice of her life and all fabulousness she has brought to our content.

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