Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

I’ll admit it, I really, really like a bunch of  stuff  I see in the Pottery Barn magazine that comes to my door. One of the problems I face with this is my inability to afford any of it. I’ve chosen a few things that I am going to attempt to recreate or make or have someone else make at a fraction of the cost.

DIY-cyp (do it yourself – cause your poor) has been so popular for the last decade or more and I’ve seen it done so tastefully. There are shows on TV about it, a bunch of blogs that feature it and I believe that’s one of the reasons that Pinterest is so darn popular.

Here are some of my spring projects. I’ll be starting them in this order and will give you my “how to’s” along the way. They are so easy (especially if you have your BFF make the last one) my mother could do it (and if you know my mama, you know this is gonna be easy).

Pottery Barn Monogrammed Doormat

Monogrammed Doormat

You could pay $55 -$99 each plus up to $20 additional for shipping or you can make it yourself for around $20

We’ll call it; DIYmonogrammed mud rug for the front stoop

This is the closest in quality and is available at big box stores.


Premium Natural Coir Fiber Mat 16" x 27"

All you need is a mat, (your choice of size, texture and shape) some spray paint and a stencil (you can make your own stencil by printing the letter in the font you want off the ole’ computer, trace it onto a piece of cardboard from your recycle).

I’ll post my “attempt” later next week…

2) Colorful hydrangea in blue/purple hues in a metal planter for the dining room table centerpiece


Make it for FREE or almost free.

  • Get some flowers from your mama’s yard or buy a plant or buy some fake ones or spray paint some dried ones
  • carnival glass spray paint or whatever texture, color and finish you like
  • pick for an old planter

Again, I’ll be showing mine in a bit.

3) Unique soaps in a glass apothecary jar for the bath


Monogrammed Square Paperwhite Soap Set

I guarantee my soaps won’t look this good however, I’m a gonna try it and I’ll show you how.



And finally,  (Erin DeVore, expert knitter or is it crochet and all around great gal –  guest contributor)

Cable knit throw $79


2 thoughts on “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  1. Honestly Amy, you forgot to tell us who wrote the blog. Can’t wait to.see all this stuff. And I love diy cyp. Please reconsider moving to kc so we can do all this together!

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