Farm Food-the original “Organic”

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yankee Doodle Dandy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am still on the mend–Had a few posts saved for emergencies–look for new exciting blogformation next week I hope!  Sincerely, Sara

For years now I have had this feeling that these old cookbooks I have are a treasure. I have a “Twig” book from Gma Betty with notes written, a 1948 edition of Better Homes and Gardens (you know the red checked one), I have 4 pages from a Gold Metal Flour book my Mom, sisters and I cooked our way through, all kinds of various fundraising ones where home cooks share their tried and true.

The other day our Uncle Sam (really-I have a real one) brought me his mother’s copy of an old Norse cookbook. In this stained, sticky  old book are recipes for”Farm Food” my new obsession. While I don’t want to render my own lard (and yes there are instructions for that business), I want to perfect real, old-fashion, homegrown food that no one can outdo!

I am a middle class, midwestern gal from Kankakee, (yeah, you might have to Google it). I had Exotic “Chinese” food for the first time when I was 18. I didn’t grow up on a farm-but I did grow up on Old Fashion  Midwest fare. I have always cringed when the famous cooks pronounce word like spaghetti (spagetiiiiii) where I come from they call it macaroni just like Yankee Doodle and  the closest thing to marscapone is Al Capone. I just want to cook real food,  be real and really good at it.

I cook every day-some Sundays we eat out after church and I can talk my hubs into a trip to the big city if I dangle Chipotle…..but for the most part we live in the sticks and I cook, at home, every night, take-out is not an option. I am lucky I don’t have to work (ha ha at a paying job that is) so I am here surrounded by fresh meat, seasonal Veg, artisan cheese, I can get honey and maple syrup right around the corner!

Just like that Julie chick that cooked her way through Julia-I am going to start cooking and perfecting these plain old fashion recipes and see what I learn. I will share the tips and tricks hidden in these old standards

Next time I will tell you about my date with an Amish Chicken……..

Sincerely, Sara

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