The smart phone is killing me

Since the dawn of time kids have been asking their parents a million questions. I’m sure Cane and Able started the whole thing off – quizzing their parents as they trekked from one desolate area to the next, “Are we to whither thou goest yet? As civilization progressed and the universe got older, the questions grew frequent but not necessarily better.

Our thirst for knowledge and the speed at which it can be delivered now is amazing. Seems there are questions everywhere, like on TV; The 64,000 question? What’s my line? Who’s the boss? and Car 54, where are you?. Even at the movies; What ever happened to baby Jane? What’s love got to do with it? & Who framed Rodger Rabbit? to name a few.

Your parents have asked you questions almost constantly since the day you were born ie; are you hungry? did you do your homework, make your bed, brush your teeth, hit your sister, kiss your Grandma? etc. And now you find yourself asking them the same ones (cue circle of life).  But since the smart phone has come mainstream things have just gotten way out of hand.

My children and my husband and sometimes random strangers on the street will ask me questions and expect a response  when they see me holding my phone. This little contraption that is supposed to be “so helpful” is like a millstone around my neck. Now at any given time Lucy can ask me some doozy of a question like, how many miles are we from the north pole? or is there water flavored ice cream? 10 years ago, I could have said, “we’ll have to check on-line when we get home”, 20 years ago my mom would have said, “you’ll have to go to the library and look in an atlas or in the encyclopedia”   Actually my mom would have said, “that’s a nonsense question – be quiet” But now that I have this “smart phone” that can answer every question, right at my fingertips I can’t get a moment of peace.

At any time of the day regardless of what I’m doing – driving a car, changing a poo, going poo myself, etc; they ask me to get them an answer for whatever random question may be going through their sweet little skulls. It’s really starting to ware me down. I often think the smart phone is killing me.

Even though my life partner has a smart phone of his own he claims that he doesn’t really know how to work it or that his fingers are too big to press the right buttons. He likes his old flip phone and wishes he had that back. He really just wants it to make a simple phone call and can remember important numbers.

My baby smiles and says cheese every time I pick up my cell to make a call. When the older girls aren’t asking questions they are feeding and caring for virtual pets in virtual pet villages or helping an alligator take a shower in “Where’s my water?” (more questions).

Gone are the days of a sharp pencil and a little spiral pocket notebook. Calling someone’s home use to be something you had to do from home. If they didn’t answer you assumed they were busy and you would call them back another time. Now you think the’re avoiding you and you get hurt and depressed. I remember thinking that call waiting was the coolest thing ever, I wouldn’t have to miss a call from the guy I liked just because I was listening to my girlfriend complain about her period. But that’s where the technology really needed to end. There’s just too much multitasking going on anyway. And now a government funded national movement has to be started, begging people to stop texting while driving. (do I sound like John Stossel?) 15 years ago could you imagine a world where people were all typing short hand on mini keyboards while navigating traffic and that the message they were sending was, “I’m driving to your house”?!

But alas, I accept this life and this new world and all its fancy schmancy technology. Maybe I do like it when I can tell Jim how many hours it would take to get from our current location to the equator. Perhaps the girls think I really do “know it all” and I have a free built-in babysitter for Lyla called soundtouchinteractive.Fotor03277444

Honestly, Amy

PS. I may or maynot be on the waiting list for the iphone 6

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