March Madness

Apparently March was filled with a lot of emotion and deep thoughts.


There was also a lil’ bit of the youngest slice mixed in and a bunch of St. Patty’s themed stuff, but if you look over the month you find what we think, feel, believe and how we grow.

To be honest I’m happy March is over. It’s like the awkward month that doesn’t know if it’s supposed to be allegiant to winter or spring. If it weren’t for St.Patty’s day there’d be nothing. I kinda think its weird to celebrate Ireland in March. Why not Romania in October and the British in July, Samoans in August?

Anyway, in case you missed some deep dish slices of sentiment, laughter and emotion while you were busy living your own life – here it is in a wrap up I like to call “march madness”

Honestly, Amy

PS. I also accidentally deleted some photo’s from the posts (call me a child of the 80’s) by mistake. We’ll be working on that this week…

the smart phone is killing me

who eats old cole slaw for breakfast?

not bad for an old egg

hello, my name is Sara and I am a woman of  advanced maternal age

grim, bleak & barren

Starve a fever, feed a cold and if you get the stomach flu – pray for death

Blog by a F.O.G

I am in deep – the M.O.B

Is it really just my bladder?

World’s okayest Mom

Wishing I could switch places


This chart will help you sort out your emotions after reading the above posts.

-you’re welcome

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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