The secret to happiness…right under my nose!

Map of Wisconsin highlighting Iowa County

We found a church we love in teeny-tiny Dodgeville, Wisconsin. They choose a new project to Serve each month, (if you read about my crushing loss at the chili cook-off you know about this). All of the needs are great and worthy–but this month something special happens for us….

Easter Sunday–new clothes, ham dinner, eggs and church. We drop all the cousins off in the Kid Zone and settle in. April the new goal is to help–an orphanage in Haiti. They have so many children some sleep on the dirt floor–they want to buy beds…get those kids off the floor–it is $60.00 per bed…….

I have been praying and searching for a way to teach my boys to love…We have 2 boys and $119.44 saved in a jar for Disney World!!!) Quite the co-inky dink, eh? I contact the church for more info–I connect with the daughter of the man who runs the orphanage…they have just received 2 brothers (they think are 3 and 7) left by their parents… Schnieder and Elison…the answer to my prayer!!!

We are gonna buy these lil’ fellas beds–with pomp and circumstance!!! We are gonna love them and write to them and gift them and sacrifice for them…and we will learn and love and grow!  Just like Eli we are going to take baby steps every day. We will pray for them when we are in our clean, warm beds, when we sit down before our abundance. Instead of watching dancing gummy bears and laughing babies on YouTube, we will take a little time to see outside of our world.

Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt...

We have our heading and have charted a new course. I am sure we will struggle and even fail sometimes. I am going to be on the lookout for a million little ways to give and grow. Maybe instead of a Playplace we will visit a nursing home and let the monkeys entertain the old folk (I betcha there are less germs there!) or bake cookies and take a plate to a lonely old man…. I want my little men to feel the joy that comes from giving–I think that is the best gift of all.

Sincerely, Sara

8 thoughts on “The secret to happiness…right under my nose!

  1. We drive through Dodgeville every year when we go to APT. Love Wisconsin in the fall 🙂 xo Kristin

  2. Thank you Sara. This made me cry. I can’twait to meet you and the boys and share somemore stories with you. . My Dad would be crying too reading this and knowing what is being done for the children he loved so much. Penny Neal

  3. Hi Sara, this is Penny’s mom. What a joy to read your story. I have met those two little boys and know their needs, and how blessed they will be to receive a new bed. Many children in Haiti have never slept in bed, hard for us to even imagine. God is good and is blessing SFH greatly. Thank you.

  4. This is truly a blessing to read. You will be so blessed to see your boys loving and giving in God’s name. Praying for your boys and these new boys you have introduced us to.

  5. Sara, love this post! so unselfish, such a moment for training and teaching your youngings….I am proud of you and will pray for support while you endure this “new” corner you’ve turned…many people learn by observation, I trust you will be that “associative learning” device with your family.
    I am praying for you.

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