These Nests I Notice


I am a day dreamer. I admit it. One of the hardest things about being a mom for me is that these kids interrupt my day dreams. I chase butterflies and love to watch clouds drift by. We live in the midst of huge pine trees and I really love to hear them whisper to me.

Last year my boys and I found this little hummingbird nest and I saved it. It fits in the palm of my hand. I am amazed at it’s strength and structure–made with bird spit and mother’s love. When we brought our Christmas tree home and were decorating it we found a little nest tucked in the boughs. It was low to the ground, made with  pine needles and mud. I kept that one too. Maybe I am somewhere between a hoarder and a crazy nest lady–but they fascinate me.

We have endured a loooong winter, blizzards, ice, wind, rain, snow! The snow is just about gone and the leaves have not yet sprouted to cover the twiggy trees. Nests are everywhere! Those little buggers made it through the harshness of wind and rain and snow and cold. I can’t believe it!

Some of you may need a Singulair just to read this post and germaphobes are wiping their screens–I can’t pass one by without admiring the handiwork and effort. Bits of fluff, seeds and weeds–things we would sweep into the dustpan if found on our floor–become this extraordinary shelter, protecting hatchlings from the world.

Did you know that some birds get pushed from the nest everyday–long before they can fly–to forage and hunt for food and return each night for safety and warmth. Some birdie moms keep them close until they are ready and then boot them out–never to return again.

I started thinking about my baby birds. (See? I told you I was a dreamer.) I felt a bit of panic. (Did I forget to mention that I Majored in Dreaming and Minored in Worry?)  It is painful for me to let these little chicks grow and explore. I know that someday they will leave my nest–off to make their way in the harsh world. We have dinner together at the table every night. No toys, no tv, no phone, no outside world,  talking about the best and worst parts of our day–all 5 of us together in our nest. I have to remind myself that these birds are only mine for a little while and all too soon my nest will be empty (and peaceful and quiet and clean)!

There you have it, a slice of my life today. Now I must go feed my squawking chicks and line our nests for bed.

Spring has Sprung!!

Sincerely, Sara

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