touché crochet

My wonderful and talented friend, Erin can do just about anything. She has the patience and math skills for all that hookin’ and loopin’ and skip second skippin’…

She can churn out a high quality baby blanket or throw in what to me takes a short amount of time. I think for her it’s a way to relax and create while she’s doing other things. It is a craft taught and passed down to her from her mama. This ain’t your mama’s crochet hanging plant holder either.

You may remember a couple of posts ago when I introduced the idea of trying to recreate some choice Pottery Barn pieces? Well the last on my list was this cable knit crochet throw.


Erin found this awesome site called you can sign up to follow them on facebook or receive emails. The best thing about this site is that the patterns are FREE!

Lucky for me Erin made me one in a bright and happy hot pink. Here are some photos of her work and the pattern.

The pattern she used for this throw is called cozy crochet cable throw LW1760 (did I mention its free).


Step 1. wrap some yarn around a gold stick thing and pull it through and make a braid and some knots.


Step 2. It looks really easy doesn’t it.


Step 3. do the same thing over and over again until you get carpel tunnel syndrome or fall slowly into madness.

(this may be why I don’t crochet)


Viola, there you go. the finished product… easy as 1. 2. 3…


Honestly, Amy

5 thoughts on “touché crochet

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  2. I am currently attempting the same pattern for my God son’s graduation gift!!! It is a beautiful throw. But I am having errors occur on Row 4. Can you please assist me in understanding the [ ] part? Thanks so very much!!!

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