I was shocked at Walmart! (and it had nothing to do with low prices)

English: Walmart Home Office, the headquarters...

Have you seen those website photos of unbelievable, ridiculous people at Walmart? ( http://www.peopleofwalmart.com) I once stood behind a gal with 8 kids and 11 EBT cards to pay for her cartload.  She was $1.81 short for her original $170.00 bill. She swore on her cell phone while yelling at the cashier that she made a mistake…I handed her $2.00 and she took it, gave it to the cashier and never looked back.

I must be honest, I’m usually of a mood when I go there. I have more list than time or cash, grumpy or chattering children and we spend most of the time in the restroom because something about that store hastens nature’s call for our  boys.

Last Wednesday after waiting more than 2 hours for a doctor’s appointment and receiving bad news–I have to make a stop at Walmart. (Diapers–we NEED diapers). I plunge my boys inside the cart and run through the box. We are all hungry and tired. I grab some chicken legs that leak all over Noah and feed Eli Cheerios just to squelch the wailing. We race to the check out–36 lanes–2 open. We are 5th in line in the express (I hardly ever get out of the store with less than 20)!

Ahead of us is a tottering, musty smelling old man. Directly in front of us is a young, athletic, fresh-smelling handsome young man.  I am trying to keep my boys entertained in the cattle stall full of candy and expensive junk toys and I hear the young man say to the old man, “Sir, would you mind doing me a favor?”  In a flash I think, “Oh Great, he is going to insult him or try to cut in line.” The young man, “My name is Troy sir, and I was wondering if you would let me buy your groceries and tell me a bit about yourself?” Everyone who heard him froze! I was sure my recent concussion was once again affecting me. The old man stammered and told him it wasn’t necessary. Troy says, “Really Sir, you would be doing me a great favor.”  I am trying to hear every word without looking like a nosy old Biddy. They are chatting and the young man pays for everything a they head for the door.

I RUSH through my transaction–I wanna hear more!!!  We race with the cart–my boys squealing with glee! Thank goodness they are a few cars up from mine in the same row! Troy is putting the bags into Old Man’s car. I hear Old Man tell him he ran track in the 50’s too. They shake hands, part ways and Troy takes the cart. I want to chase him, thank him, call his Momma, get his phone number (just kidding)!

My heart was full on the way home! A little sad that I was so surprised to see kindness, a little ashamed that I thought the worst and a little joyful that I got to witness that!

I hope something you see at the Big Box shocks you soon–but in a good way.   Sincerely, Sara

11 thoughts on “I was shocked at Walmart! (and it had nothing to do with low prices)

  1. I got on here to read the erin story but read this first. Great stuff, seriously brought a tear to my eye. I wanna be brave like that. Thanks for sharing sarah

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  3. A man at Walmart in Goshen Indiana actually wanted to pay for my mother’s groceries once. She had enough money, no problem. But she spent the next 6 months wondering if it was her holey tennis shoes or her raggy jacket, that we tease her about, that made him ask her.Just to say that this story is not only true, but also probably not an isolated case. Thanks for sharing.

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