5 thoughts on “Who’s a control freak?

  1. Great post Amy! Sorry you’re having such a rough time! From one control freak to another, I totally get it. I used to be an obsessive planner, had to have all the answers all the time and COULD. NOT. STAND. the thought of the unknown. When Olivia was born and there were so many unanswered questions and scary unknowns.I had no choice but to give the control back to God {where it belonged in the first place). My favorite quote: “The worries of tomorrow only steal the joy from today”.
    Hugs, Heather Mize

  2. I am a closet control freak. I can hide behind my messy garage or bedroom (Armageddon) ) and claim I’m not. I am controlling even when it comes to how long the mess stays and when it gets cleaned up. Eek. Having 8 years of Cora, who follows now of the “regular” parenting handbooks, and actually reacts negatively to standard love (OH if I had a dollar for every person who unknowingly said “just love her enough/more.” Even the one you share a bed with.) I had to learn quick, it even broke me to the point if my being passive casual catholic to God relying, viciously Jesus loving Christian that I am now… The message? You will have to do it my way, follow the hints and path I lead you on, have a million trials a day, have your love mocked and rejected, and still in the end only hold my love and wonder about hers. That’s what I ask of you. He says… It’s a constant bonk in the head: “You need me”. I do.

  3. I’m the same way! I find myself apologizing a lot for things I shouldn’t have said to people who were just trying to help. The best people! I don’t do it on purpose and I’m working on it! Many times it comes in handy, but I think that trait also means more work for the person with it! Hope you heal quickly!!!

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