12 things I do to make my hair look “Natural”

I grow dark, thick ,coarse hair…on my legs and eyebrows. This limp straw on my head is another story. My mother, when I was 3 began cutting it into a pixie or burning it with a perm. I picked up where she left off, Ogelvi Home perms and cans of AquaNet were my tools. In high school in the 80’s I had a cross between a mousey brown lion’s mane and matted turkey feathers.

Since I left my teens I have sported a Wedge and a Rachel. I have had highlights and lowlight, a frost and fringe bangs. I have been chemically textured and been glazed like a donut . I have been a blond, brunette and redhead and all of those put together. I have paid WAYYY to much for a cut and 8.00 like everyone else in a pinch. When I finally decided my natural color was just fine…these little white numbers started popping up all over. I must admit for the last 6 years my hair is in a Mom knot 6 days a week…but once in a while I wanna feel pretty.Vintage_hair : Set of hair styling symbols Stock Photo

I thought I would share with you some of what I have learned from all of the stylist, colorist and dressers in my past…

  • I brush my hair when it is dry.
  • I shampoo every 3 days with mousturizing shampoo
  • I condition with thickening conditioner
  • I work through just a dab of shine serum
  • I towel dry, sometimes
  • I spray on Big Fat root lifter
  • I blow dry with a big round brush–pulling up from the root to end and out on the sides
  • I mist on Redken Spray Starch (like Niagra for your ironing)
  • I set in 3 inch hot rollers (hello the 80’s called) and allow them to cool completely  in my hair
  • I “back comb” aka tease the crap out of the top and crown
  • I finish any flat parts with a 2 inch curling iron
  • I style and spray with ‘Big Sexy Hair” or Maxxed out spray

Now, don’t misunderstand–this is not some sort of 2 hour long relaxing beauty routine. I give chase, strip, bathe and dress 3 boys. I slap on my “mortician # 3” pale makeup and swig my coffee and pack a bag while waiting for the magic to happen.

Well, this is it–the best I can do.I gotta put on my smile and face the day.

I pack us up and get in the car-everyone buckled I check the rear view–this is what I see…

Oh, well I hope you have a good hair day! What is your beauty secret?

Sincerely, Sara!

3 thoughts on “12 things I do to make my hair look “Natural”

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