A Sara for all Seasons

I hate change– I fear it, hide from it. It is the hardest to change how you think, speak,look or act! Someone once told me it was like wearing 5 inch heels, for the first time, on a hike in the woods… I take the same routes, wear the same clothes, order the same food, etc…

There is only one area of my life where I long for change–I ache for it! That is the change of seasons, and none more than winter to spring!

I am a Midwestern Gal! I have visited Arizona, California,  Florida and Texas and they are all wonderful places to visit–but I could never live there!

We are here at the first of April and there is still dirty, gray snow on the ground and even though I am so weary of this blanket of slop that is everywhere–I have a little voice that whispers in my ear when I sigh and look out the window, “Spring will come–Spring will come!” I know it it true!! There is rain in the forecast everyday this week, but one day, very soon I will trudge our clan outside and we will smell it and feel it and hear it! The world that has been dead will all at once come alive!

In just a matter of weeks this entire valley will burst with green of every shade and we will plant and prune and rake and mow. I will enjoy the smell of the earth and not worry about the dirt under my nails. I will trade my boots for my flip-flops and put away the ice scraper and dig out the sun screen. We will take that deep breath of fresh cool air and enjoy the new of it all….and await the arrival of the bugs and humidity and craziness that the next season brings.

Happy Spring! – Wait I think it’s snowing…

Sincerely, Sara

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