What AAA doesn’t talk about

Roses are red

Violets are stinkin’.

 Car trips with my kids leave me wondering,

“What was I thinkin?”

Games and book and snacks and toys

promise hours of busy, happy boys.

 Alas, within minutes the attentions wander,

and all I hear is,”Mom how much longer?”

Half an hour down we drive–thru for some food,

sloppin’ the hogs puts us all in a better mood.

We listen to the radio and some CD’s,

and very soon someone in this car has to pee.

We all pull over and water the pines,

                                                                                    get in, get buckled and pass out Red Vines.

How did I agree to this situation?

I ache to hear Garmin say “Arriving at Destination”.

One of three always seems content,

They take turns complaining, my patience is spent.

“We can make it guys!” I say with hope,

I wish I had pills to help myself cope.

Thirty minutes away from our arrival too,

one of the Stooges yells, “I have to poo!”

I spend forever with him in a wayside toilet,

just how much better can this journey get?

We finally pull up, after more than 4 hours,

now we are happy and perky,

just like blooming spring flowers.

This is a tale of caution but not of regret,

We love to visit family and enjoy the time spent!

Sincerely, Sara

2 thoughts on “What AAA doesn’t talk about

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