Honestly, what is my American Dream?

My Great Grandparents wanted opportunity, to escape oppression, work for themselves, believe what they wanted and give their children a better life.

My Grandparents wanted to win a World War, learn a trade, make a living, have a family, own a home, put down roots, worship, vacation, bounce a few grandkids on their knee, retire.

My parents wanted to get good paying jobs, keep a clean credit report, buy a house, pay their bills, avoid layoff and plant closings, go to church, send their kids to Christian school, afford braces, visit family, enjoy a hobby.

I have been thinking, really thinking what my American Dream looks like today, April 18, 2013.

I don’t want to get killed by a drunk Bishop taking my kids to school.

I would like them not to have to be locked in and have intruder drills and  NOT be gunned down in class, bullied on the bus or molested in the locker room.

 I would like to go to church and be able to invite anyone and everyone, not just the ones that fit.

I would like to not have to lock the house and car and double-check them.

 I would like to avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure…!

I would like to be able to pay my bills, afford groceries, co-pays, gas.

I would like to not be treated like cattle in airports.

I would like to not be afraid of strangers.

I would like to listen to the Nightly News or Morning programs and not be offended or shocked.

I would like to be friendly with my neighbors and help the poor.

I would like to show my boys every inch of this country and parts of the world.

I would like my Husband to be able to retire before he’s 80.

I would like to be happy with enough.

I would like to feel freedom not fear.

I would like to have real discussions with my Dr and not have to check if it is covered by insurance.

I would like my child to get a college degree for less than $100,000 and be able to get a job with that.

I would like to be able to help them.

I would like to know I am hearing the truth and not spin.

I want to feel proud and strong and brave .

What is your American Dream? Where did it all go so wrong?

2 thoughts on “Honestly, what is my American Dream?

  1. Somewhere along the line we got complacent and wolves in sheeps clothing starting pushing God out and practicing policies that fool people into thinking that being taken care of is better than freedom.

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