What I learned when I had to stop thinking

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...

Some of you know I fell and hit my head pretty hard a few weeks ago. In case you don’t know the whole story, I will share.

  I was cleaning the pit that is my boy’s bathroom on yet another snow day here in Wisconsin. While I was erasing all evidence of boy funk–my sons decided the floor was made of lava and the only way to survive was to cover the floor with construction paper. I came out, with a full waste basket, toidy brush, plunger (don’t ask) and an open gallon of bleach. My feet hit the paper on the kitchen floor and I went flying face first into the side of our fireplace–which is covered in stone. My nose took the impact cause I didn’t want to spill the bleach. The first day I had a headache! I mean like a train running through my brain named PAIN! I had to take my 6 year old to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese –so I excused most of it as being the pain in my butt traveling north! The next day headache still chuggin but now I was dizzy too. The third day my speech, balance and writing started going haywire. My ER Nurse Hubs “gently” suggested I get a head CT…yesterday. Turns out I have a pretty impressive concussion and a broken nose (I have always had a nose suited for radio).

My Doctor sat me down and told me I needed to rest my brain and not think–What? I am a mom. I have constant lists forming in my head. I need to know the inventory of TP and milk at all times. I have to think ahead for my children and keep track of thier shoes and DS games…plus cleaning every day to keep the Health Department away and taking care of a baby. I can’t stop everything I was doing–I HAD to stop everything I was doing. I had to rest my body and my mind. No TV, facebook, bloggin. I had to let my Hubs take over and I had to be happy with the way he did it. I needed my Church and my friends! I had to take care of myself–first and that is so hard for a Momma. I asked the same questions over and over. I was scared–alot. I remember sitting in a little church here a few years ago and hearing the Pastor pray, “Thank you God for the work to do and the ability to do it” and I thought….yeah–right!  Here I was with all this work…and I wished I could do it!

A bazillion years ago in a land far, far away–before I was a Mom, I had a “real job” My first week on the job everyone I was introduced to told me, “You should meet Sarah Barker” “You have to connect with Sarah Barker” and “You will love Sarah Barker when you meet her”. Well, being the brilliant gal I am–I called up Sarah Barker! I was creating a Driver’s Education program for the Trauma Program’s Injury Prevention component–out of thin air–I had no idea what to do or how. We gathered some slides, wrote a script and arranged some classes to teach.

I had a few different groups of people come to help me, but when I asked Sarah–something really special happened. I would pick her up and we would arrive, she would sit quietly in the back and listen…over and over and over. We used to joke that I could do her presentation and she could do mine–we heard them so many times….

I would finish and tell the class I had a special guest. Sarah would walk from the back to the front of the room and this hush would fall across the room. Every eye on her and she would take out her notes and begin to speak. Not a yawn, fidgit or daydream. She had the crowd! She was awesome! She has an amazing story to tell–but I will let her tell you that very soon!

So, in September of 2001–I left my first husband (oh boy, that is a blog for another day)! The day after I picked Sarah up for a day of classes…and I was one big hot mess! I had to tell her what was going on since I had Kleenex stuffed up my nose and red puffy eyes. Sarah Barker, this amazing woman–took a deep breath and said, “I have never been through anything as difficult as this, but I know one thing…time heals all wounds!” I knew in that moment I was blessed to be given the gift of knowing Sarah Barker! I want you to know her too….

During this recovery from my concussion I have thought about her and our time together A LOT! ( I know..I wasn’t supposed to be thinking). I know one thing…there are no accidents in my life…and I am blessed…and I need to take care of me…and I need people to help me!

–Sarah herself and her Mom are going to guest blog here very soon! I can’t wait for them to share a slice with you!

Sincerely, Sara!!!

9 thoughts on “What I learned when I had to stop thinking

    • Thanks! I feel like a hot mess and a chicken with my head cut off! We really appreciate the encouragement and for reading our blog! (and for the help with spelling a million years ago!)

  1. Sorry about falling, hitting your head, taking the CT scan and the concussion. I’m glad to see you alive, and well, thats what really matters. Thanks for always being at my blog, and for always leaving me little notes, your presence is always recognized (your Gravatar is outstanding). Have a great weekend!

  2. Sara its just another chapter in the amazing book that is your life. I think your concussion would have healed faster at the condo, LOL. Call me if you need a break.

  3. Sara this left me anticipating more…only you could of flown that plane (Flight). Heal quickly we hate the 2am phone calls you claim not making…

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