What a lovely winter we’re having this spring!

I know, I know talking about the weather…

Everybody knows that after Easter you can wear white but looking out your window and seeing a blanket of white on the lawn – ain’t nobody got time for that!

Isn’t there some inconvenient truth that preaches about how the planet is so hot and everything is melting and polar bears are squatting on some little patch of ice to survive?

How can I “think spring” when I’m thinking about finding matching gloves for the girls on school mornings?

And why is the weather all I want to talk about?  Is it because everything else in the world right now is so scary and doom and gloom? Why do I sound like Jerry Seinfeld?

My mom calls beautiful sunny days with moderate temps,  Heaven weather, what am I suppose to call the days we’ve had, Hell weather?

I guess today I’ll decorate my mantle for spring.

spring mantel 2013

Maybe I’ll do a little spring cleaning. I don’t know, maybe I’ll just laze around the house and blog about the weather.

Honestly, Amy

2 thoughts on “What a lovely winter we’re having this spring!

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