We are going to turn a “We should” into a “We did!” Family Reunion 2013

We’ve all done it, gotten together for a funeral or emergency or just a quick pass through and said, “We have to get together soon!”.  I am blessed to have an amazing, loving, loud, crazy, funny family. My cousins were my first friends and I spent idyllic holidays with my Aunts and Uncles.

Don’t get me wrong–we aren’t perfect! But we love each other no matter what! So, from this branch of the family tree we have relatives that live in 7 different states. We have had a rough few years and have spent more time together in Funeral Homes than anything else.

I like to plan parties! I love to host parties! I tolerate cleaning up after parties! Circumstance of these last few years made it impossible for me to entertain, so now that I live in a little slice of heaven–I am gonna throw the Reunion of the Century!!!

In the coming weeks I will share with you my tips, ideas, success and failure planning a Family Reunion. We will take a million pictures, share the recipes and memories too! T-shirts have been ordered, there is no turning back now!

 We have many people coming from many places-I am planning 3 days and 3 nights of fun! Family will come and go. If you want just a meet at a restaurant or afternoon at a park-that is cool! It doesn’t matter how you do it–Just do it!

Day 1 Travel and arrive=Campfire Night  We have an awesome little pavilion with a fire pit and picnic tables here on the slice of heaven. We are going to keep this simple and just get to know each other again. We will have brats and weenies and of course s’mores and Campfire Stories-I want everyone in the family to tell a tale about them-even if most of us have heard them 1000 times, the youngin have not and this is how we teach them our history!

Day 2  Busy Day to Play=Fishing and Golf in the morning. Strawberry picking and Amish Stalking in the afternoon. We have t-shirts and pictures and pine cone crafts too! I am roasting a hog and hosting a good, old fashion, red neck  BBQ finished with fireworks at dusk.

Day 3  Farm Fresh Fiesta! We will have mucho leftover pork, after a morning run to the Madison Farmers Market (For salsa, guac ingredients and of course some Wisconsin cheese) We will return here for a walk about, Family Tree making, more talking and laughing,  Pinata and full on Mexican Feast!

Day 4 Let’s do this again next year!= Church. Lunch…and you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here! 🙂 (This is where my house is trashed, I am pooped, my fridge is empty and my heart is full!)

Maybe these things sound good to you…maybe not! I hope you take a bit of time to get together with those you love!~

Next week…The Menu! My favorite part!

Sincerely, Sara

2 thoughts on “We are going to turn a “We should” into a “We did!” Family Reunion 2013

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