All about April – We’re all over the place!

As I was working on putting together this “month in review”  it looks as if in April we were serving up deep thoughts and a side dish. It’s like our blog should be called, If  Mr. Food and the book Tuesday’s with Morrie had a baby…

With that being said and without further ado, I present to you…


Thanks for hanging on with us anyway and if you happened to have missed a post the first time or intentionally avoided them, here they are again for your reading and eating pleasure.

This ain’t gonna make you Happy Meal

Between Mayberry and Mayhem

These Nests I Notice

Betty Lou-Who? The seasons of life

beans and greens

touché crochet

Who’s a control freak?

12 things I do to make my hair look “Natural”

DIY-byp part 1 of 1,000

How much do you love your husband?

What AAA doesn’t talk about

Honestly, what is my American Dream?

What I learned when I had to stop thinking

What a lovely winter we’re having this spring!

Finger Lickin Kickin Fried Chicken!

I was a missionary to St. Vincent for 10 days – part 2 

The Mushroom Whisperer

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Whew, that was a lot.

What would you like to see on here in May?

Sincerely Sara & Honestly Amy


2 thoughts on “All about April – We’re all over the place!

  1. My new favorite lunch after a visit to Chicago is chicken salad. I google a recipe and it was canned chicken, mayo and salt or something. Gross. Kept searching and found there are quite a few but then they go off the deep end with ingredients that the simpleton like me don’t have. I ended up with rotisserie chicken, mayo celery, paprika, pepper, salt..and it was good but no where close to as good as Chicago stuff. So do you sisters know of a good one? Maybe you could have people submit some tried and true ecipes.

    • We do have a chicken salad recipe and we use it on sister scrapbook days! Amy and I will have a chicken salad cook off and ask for followers favs! Thanks for the inspiration!

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