Giveaway: Thrive by Lina Abujamra – the single life as God intended


I first met Dr. Lina back in the Spring of 2011. She was the speaker at a weekend women’s retreat in the hoity toity resort  town of Lake Geneva, WI. When She got up to speak I was already judging her… I had read her bio in the program and just knew that I wasn’t gonna like her. I was also 6 months pregnant and had to pee every 9 minutes so I was also hoping that she wouldn’t be long-winded.

This accomplished, smart, beautiful Dr/lady gets up and speaks (really fast); No!… teaches from Luke and I can’t stop listening. I was moved by what she shared and challenged beyond belief. I even forgot about my bladder for 45 mins.

I found her blog the night I returned home and have followed it ever since. Each day, she shares an honest  truth and short message on trusting and leaves me feeling hopeful, it’s like God tells her some days what to write just to speak to me on a certain topic. I even signed up at my church for a bible study she had authored on the book of Luke (great stuff).

I was excited when she sent us sisters a copy of her new book. She told us we could keep it, give it away, use it as a door stop, whateves – as long as we blogged about it. This is awesome, our first giveaway and I know the author and I love her mind and heart, I want to share this with the world!

When the book arrived I told my social network about it. I set it on the Dining room table then went and made dinner. While cooking I was thinking about being single (why would you not be happy being single? Not having to cook for a bunch of little people who barely eat what you make them, complain that it “doesn’t taste right” and then watch the baby throw it on the floor for you to clean up). My husband comes home, I tell him about the book and he proceeds to actually sit down and read it.  He tells me how this writer is so good at painting a picture and that it’s a fast and easy read. So I say, “well, since your what – half way through it, why don’t you review it?…” I was kind of joking and I was also thinking he could give me the cliff notes so I could quick write something up.

I got an email from him the next day with the subject line – Thrive, a married man’s perspective on being an abundant single woman. 

The email went something like this – “I came home to find a book on the dinning room table where I sat to eat my late night snack/dinner, I picked it up and read it.  Why? because it’s an attractive book, green and brownish red book cover. The “dot” on top of the “i” stretches to the top of the cover forming what can be a spot light, which I thought was cool. I perused the pages, not intending to read it, but then found myself on page 78.  Then the question ~ should I read page 78? Would it be wrong for me to read page 78? I was like, “hey let me see what a woman’s perspective is on this topic.”  After I finished the chapter I read some more, this time I started at the introduction, I was captured, I thought to myself – this book is not just for single woman only. You forget as a married person the challenge of being single. The loneliness, the physical and emotional desires. Of course marriage isn’t “all there is”  I was 30 when I got married and I could relate to the portion of the book that deals with the questions from family, “when are you going to get married?” – I don’t know… I knew my family was worried that I’d be alone or not pass on the family name – what pressure that I have no control over! Now that I am married I understand the stressors of this forever relationship and I can see why Lina brings in ICorinthians 7 regarding the abundant life. Paul could solely focus on God because he didn’t have a wife texting him to bring home milk. He could study God’s word day and night and didn’t have to help his kids with fraction homework.   Dr. Lina challenges you to think beyond the words written in the text and makes it more applicable. Scenarios are peppered with real life stories that bring a smile to my face. Explained with love and descriptive biblical points I look forward to reading more. The chapter I’m on now deals with self-control…who doesn’t have a problem with that? You will be drawn in by the cover and delighted by its content.”– Dr. Jim Seward, EdD, MSEd, LMHC, NCC

Needless to say I was delighted and surprised that my hubs enjoyed the book as much as he did.

Here is the link to buy the book and the link to her blog

To be entered to get this wonderful book, all you have to do is:

  1. Follow the blog by email (if you’ve already done that – good, your one step ahead of everyone else.)
  2. Like us on facebook (and in real life, we are very insecure)
  3. Choose one post that is your favorite and share it as your facebook  status for at least an hour (you can even leave it up there all day).
  4. Leave a comment on this post (you can say whatever you like, as long as it’s really nice and flattering to us – for example; this blog is life changing, brilliantt or I can’t believe you got 6″ of snow on May 2nd.)

As easy as 1,2,3,4…

We will announce the Winner Friday morning!!!

Look for her 2nd book, Stripped October 1, 2013 

Honestly, Amy (and Jim)


12 thoughts on “Giveaway: Thrive by Lina Abujamra – the single life as God intended

  1. I like this…the post and the book…can’t go wrong with both…Question? Do I qualify for the give-away?

  2. Nice review…I’ve been following Lina on Twitter and appreciate her fun faith-filled attitude on all things. What a treat to meet you through her.

  3. Fabulous blog. Dr. Lina is awesome and God is using her in such a special way! She’s simply and amazing with the Spirit in her. Thanks for your post!

  4. Great review! I remember the ladies at your table in the Acts study Skyping you in during the teaching time, after you moved away. I’m looking forward to reading Lina’s book and passing it on to my 3 grown, single daughters!!

  5. Dannel, thanks for reminding me, that was really an amazing thing – those girls letting me finish in spirit and over the net. I heard after that HBC started a “no skyping during a bible study”… 😉

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